Using garden lime/soil acidifiers

I ended up buying a lot of stuff for my first grow. Some of which I’m wondering if I needed to get.

During grow research prior to starting, the importance of proper ph was quickly made apparent. So I bought some Jobes garden lime and soil acidifier. But since then, I havent seen much mentioned about using these types of products. Unless I’m just overlooking those threads. I primarily see discussion involving ph up/down for mixing in with solutions.

So is this Jobes stuff useful for indoor grows? Or will my primary means of regulating ph be the liquid stuff?

Many of us use pH Up and Down. I’ve never heard of anyone using a Jobes product. I would be careful about what else might be in the Jobes product.

You can alternatively use dolomite lime, which many of us use to help buffer pH.


I would say they are used most frequently when you are mixing your own soil / medium. I also use them, limestone more often, to recharge and replenish used media.


On the few occasions that res ph creeper down i have used hy-yield hydrated lime to raise the ph. I mix in water first which usually ends up at a ph of 12 then add as if using ph up. My wife uses distilled vinegar with no bad effects.

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Thanks for the replies. Sounds like they’re just used on the rare occasion you have to recharge the soil.

I just watered with CalMag and my runoff is at 6.32 which is a lot closer to dialed-in than it was when I did my first feeding a couple days ago. So it looks like I’m on the right path simply using the ph up/down.

Thanks again for the feedback, folks!

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