Using Garden Hose In Hydro

Quick question, possibly dumb, but I couldn’t find an answer with the search function.

Would it be OK to fill my RDWC system with a regular garden hose? I know that drinking from a garden hose too much is bad, but I’m wondering if it would be bad for my plants.


City water has chlorine in it. Have to let it sit out 24hrs before use.

Oh and there is no such thing as a dumb question.

I take that back. The only dumb question is the one that is never asked.

Always ask for help when needed. We will happily answer !!

Thanks! I plan on letting it sit out and cure to get all that nasty chlorine out. I was wondering if any chemicals that leech out of a garden hose’s rubber would be toxic to the plants.

I think most leeching from hose would be from it sitting in the sun. That’s what I understand anyways. I could be wrong.

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Watch out for bad Bacteria coming from well water if your in the city chlorine is an issue. I tried starting my own hydro system with water from my well but my res got quickly overtaken by slimey iron bacteria that left a gross slimey yellow residue

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Eeew. I’m on municipal water. So there shouldn’t be much bacteria, but the chlorine is a pain. I’m gonna let my system run for 24 hours before i put my plants in it. They’re about 2 weeks from seed, started in rockwool and in net pots with hydroton now. I’ve been top watering up til now. Tomorrow I’m going to get the system going. 4x4 tent, 600 watt dimmable HID.

This is my first hydro grow and I’m still learning as well! You should check out my grow as I’m about 1 1/2 weeks into veg I think I’ll be harvesting about a week before you and we could exchange thoughts! Here is a picture of the nasty res I had to scrub with anti bacterial wipes…ewwis right

and my plants as of today!

Nice. I think it would be cool for us to follow each other’s grows. Being newbs, we’re bound to need advice and make mistakes. But between learning from the pros here and watching each other, I think we can get ahead of the game.

Do you have a grow journal here? I’m about to update mine. I’ll tag you in it.