Using Fox Farm Fertilizer Outdoors


I have had a few grows outdoors, first was 3 plants and did very well. All I did was water, and the plants were in my veggie garden so the soil was very good.
2ed grow was in a new location, cause we moved and total loss. Also I think last year was very dry and we were not living there full time yet. So I was not there enough to water and take care of the plants.
this year same new location, but i amended the soil, I dug a hole,and added top soil, cow manure and perlite. Some of the plants are doing fine and others are doing not so good.
I also did the same mix and planted some in pots, those are doing Very well.
Would it be too soon with the cow manure to start the Fox Farm trio. I know its not July first yet, but July to Oct gives me around 16 weeks.
Normally the 2ed or 3ed week is harvest time. I know the first year one of the plants was full of buds but didnt harvest till almost the end of Oct.
I know that gives me around 8 wks of veg left, before they start going into flower. than around 8wks of flower development.
I did plant the plants around the middle of may if that helps.
My plants in the ground, some are still just small…and doing nothing, and the ones that I think are doing ok, and getting tall but lanky (but already taller than last years plants) around 3 ft. The ones in pots are also about 3 ft but more bush to them.
thanks for any help!


Pictures would be very helpful but my guess is the soil is too hot.


property is wooded, I would not think that? mulch would help that problem.
I have some plants growing in the middle of the woods, the area is cleared but trees all around, and some plants growing on the edge of some wooded area by my fruit trees.
The plants in pots are more in a open area.
but I will try and get some pic posted. What about the fox farm?


It will work fine outdoors but I suspect the manure has you in too hot of a substrate which is inhibiting the growth of the plants. If that is the case the FF nutes would only make it worse. There are a myriad of things that could be at issue from PH to pests. A slurry test of your soil to see what the PH is might be beneficial but from what I’ve seen the best thing you can do is proper soil prep and then leave them alone.



Looks like a lockout due to PH if you ask me. The one in the container looks very happy.



I used one bag of top soil. About a 1/3 cow manaure.


That one looks good from the picture.

I’m guessing you have enough to carry you through to flower. Better to wait until the plant tells you there’s a problem.


That last one i have like 4 of them they do look good. But skinny compared to in the pot


Might be stretching for light if you are in pretty deep shade. Kind of a catch 22 sometimes: too hot in direct sunlight but not enough light in the shade. Shade and a stretchy plant I think is better than the alternative.


How are you watering? Do you have a hose and city water that can reach the grow in the woods? Carrying buckets of water from a stream or lake? Do you check the pH with a good meter?

Heavy nutrients will lower the pH, and you might be below the pH level where the roots pickup the ions. Dig down to the side of the roots, and collect some dirt in a cup. Make some water at a known pH of 6.0 or 7.0, and soak the dirt in the cup. Measure the pH of the liquid, see how much it changed from what you put in. If it’s low, you should water and feed with pH adjustments. Test again in a few days.


I have 55gallon drums i fill at a friends house. City water.
It sits for days before i use it.
And or i do fill jugs from a water station. Spose to be pure. But that also sits for days before i use it.


If this (outdoor) was in pots, I’d say do a flush. You could try to over water, in the ground, to dilute the strong nutrients. I’m jumping to the conclusion that your manure wasn’t composted enough, and you’re getting root burn. Probably the best advice is to give it time. You are losing some weeks of growth, but there is still alot of summer veg time to recover.


Im in the midwest we just git 3inches of rain.
It was bagged cow maure frim the store. I put the same stuff in my veggie garden n no problems. But i do really love all the ideas people are giving!


FYI cannabis is not a tomato plant. Yes, it’s a weed until you spend $10 or $20 on one seed; then it’s a different story. You can grow weed but usually people are here on the forum to learn how to grow CANNABIS lol. To do that it’s best to optimize everything possible so that when something goes south it’s not a cascade of events that leads to a brown and crispy hermaphrodite lol.

Manure is considered too hot. It really needs time in compost and not just aged like Bandini Mountain.


Its bagged age stuff from the store. I did not shovel a cow stall n throw it into the hole. That would be to hot for any plant.


:joy: funny lol