Using FFOF and top dressing

Thanks to this community for all your help. Would never be able to do this without you all.

Does anyone use FFOF and top dress with other nutrients? And when you top dress do you need to let your mixture cook for a while (like yo do with creating an organic soil mix)

@TuukkaOne , FFOF have a nuff nutrients for 3-5 weeks, you can top dress every 3-5 weeks depending on how hungry your cultivar is. I normally top dress 1 cup of kelp ,4 cups of worm castings every 3 weeks in Veg. And add 1/2 cup of bone meal ,1/2 cup of bat guano during flower


I use FFOF top dressed with FFHF. Brand new FFOF is hot. Some strains love it and some hate it. Thus the top dressing is a buffer.

With new soil you should be good for 4 to 6 weeks when you will start using nutrients. Depending on how big your plant gets. Bigger means nutrients used up faster and vice versa.

I use only Fox Farm products.


I had poor luck with ffof. Some bags came in moist and
with mildew. I had to lay out 5 40 lb. bags on a tarp to dry and mix. Also the soil pH was all over the place. I even had a pin grow from my bag after sitting for 2 days opened. (I save a bit to throw over exposed roots or side of fabric pots.) Never again. I’m gonna just make my own it’s cheaper and guaranteed. Alternatively I use Humboldt county secrets and they will help without questions. I had a quart of tea that had a smell, they replaced it with a gallon. Fast.