Using fan during flower


2nd grow, going quite well. Just don’t wanna mess it up. I have read it is best while plants are growing to have a fan blowing on them to create gentle movement and strong base of support. In week 3.5 of flower, do i still use the fan? Please advise, and thanks for all your help.


Yes, using the fan is even more important during flower, to keep the humidity from building up in the buds themselves that could lead to bud rot.



Also allowing the plant to get more ventilation and help her breathe better but yes definitely keep using the fan


Actually cannabis does not really “breath” at night or during the dark period. This is why we do not supplement CO2 during the dark period.

The roots still need oxygen during the dark period, though.

Air circulation during the dark period is mostly just to keep stagnant humid air from building up and causing a mold/fungi problem.



They do breathe from the bottom of the leaves therefor with circulation allows fresh air constantly


Again, there is a reason supplementing CO2 during the night is a waste. They do not transpire at night really, they even lose turgidity during the night, it is why they will look a little limp if you peak in with a green light during the dark period. This is all known scientific fact.



I woukdnt know i havent had them do that in any of the 6 years I’ve done this, I’m not trying to argue so I apologize, but every one has there own way of doing and the only one that has is my girl scout from this year


And I don’t mess with my plants at night only day time


I’m agreeing with you that you need the fan on at night, just not quite the reason you stated.

They do breath, and on the bottom of the leaves just like you say, just not so much at night.

Otherwise, it is no biggy, the end result is the same, keep the fan on at night, lol



Ahhh ok gotcha yea that makes a lot more sence being put that way


And i have a question whats your opinion about this one macg?


And i also have one more question for you MacG have you had any experience with purple trainwreck I grew one last year first time growing trainwreck came out really good, but If you have had experience with the gap purple trainwreck id be glad to take any tips or advice given on that particular strain, it’d be greatly appreciated thanks


I’d say the bud in your pic has more time to ripen. Watching the trichomes under magnification is always your best bet to determine ripeness by your preferences of more amber trichomes for more “couch-lock” or less for more of a cerebral awake high.

If you are growing for max weight, you want the pistils/hairs to nearly all turn brownish. If new white pistils are still showing up, this means new calyxes are also growing, which means your bud is still swelling and putting on weight and density. This bud still has lots of white hairs so it probably has plenty of swelling to do.

I have not had a chance to specifically grow trainwreck yet, so sorry, I have no specific helpful info there.



I understand the pistol and calax subject that’s my strongest point because most common with begginers and rookies is early harvest from little patience and yea she has atleast 15 days minimal, get max flower day was said to be 60 days and she has been there for 45 days and the one I posted is serious 6 from serious seeds I have one of the trainwreck from last year about a month before I cut her down, and it was worth a shot


Hopefully the picture pulls through


OK then, well then she does look good for her age, lol


I could agree, only thing that is a down fall is that she was started way to late in the season and she didn’t get very big


Bigger is always nicer, for sure!


Yea that’s for sure my purple trainwreck made it to 6 ft talk and 5’5" all the way around, was hoping to get more the same size of not bigger but that’s not gunna happen being this late in the season. My goal this year is to take my girl scout cookie and snowcap hybrid and get her around 10 to 12 ft if it’s possible lol, she is barely a month old and already a ft n a half talk and a ft around all the way around with leaves the size of 1 gal. Tea jugs,