Using Fan and sugar leaves first harvest

There aren’t any topics for this discussion so hopefully I’m not outa line here,
I have read several recipes online for cannabutter and whatnot. But nobody takes the time to be specific. Are the fan leaves and sugar leaves raw or dried? And if dried, can I use a dehydrater for this endeavor?
Thanks for any input in advance.

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The fan leaves contain very little THC the sugar leaves are good for butter vapes tinctures lotions salves etc.Dried and decarboxolated,you can use a Magic Butter machine or do it with alcohol by hand.Lots of good recipes on this site. I eat and juice the fan leaves.I am not sure about the dehydrator. Tag one of the administrators

A dehydrator will not decarb the sugar leaves and trim. I’ve heard quite a few ppl juice the fans.

So the fan leaves and sugar leaves go into the decarb process right away, not dried first?
And if so, would using a food processor work for grinding raw leaves or would it gum up? Anyone experience this?

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I would dry everything. It will make it easier to decarb and process for cooking. heres something. that might help. although I dont think that user is around right now.

NO fan leaves…fan leaves have almost no THC. Don’t decarb them!! You dry your bud for several days/weeks…then that trim leftover and popcorn buds are dexarbed to then make butter, oil, etc.

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Though the fan leaves make for pretty tasty salads , we use all parts of the buffalo round these parts


OK, cola’s and nugs are hanging in my drying room. 57% Rh 72 degrees. I harvested out of the ground before sunrise.
I trimmed everything before hanging this morning.
So I have a half a bucket of sugar leaves. ( 2 Big gals prolly net around 24 oz.'s)
So how to dry the sugar babies? Is it alright to use a dehydrator?

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Yea or you can throw them moist in the oven an extra 10 minutes during decarb

congrats on the harvest!

I meant everything but the fan leaves. Thanks for catching that! I’m not going to lie though. In veg I made butter and green cookies out of a ton of fan leaves and people swore they got high on it. It smells like weed. taste like weed, it must get you high! It was probably all the nutes… :rofl:

Thanks I’ve been harvesting thins for 30 years but this is a first, and I don’t think I’ll do outdoor again. I have an acre and I like to entertain. Too many conflicts of interest for this. Too many times I couldn’t enjoy the back property with certain company.
These were 6’ tall and 6’ wide. Colas’ the size of beef sandwiches. Kinda woriied about those I did a bud wash and they’re thick.

There are some artificial vinyl flowers you can buy at the craft stores. Some of the guys wire tie them on and you wouldn’t believe how it throws you off. Might wanna check it out… good luck

Make Cannagars

You can smell my plants from a hundred yards away.

I blame it on skunks lol

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