Using correct LED bandwidth for Autoflowering in DWC system

Starting my first DWC and looking at LED With 3 bands; (620-630 nm and 640-660 nm, blue 460-470 nm), + 6100k CFL (during veg state) and 2700k (during flowering) Will this help or hurt my plants? I just want the most I can get from the plants.

I don’t see how it could hurt? Sounds like a good setup to me.
What are the wattages for your LED and CFLs?

My plan is this: during germation I have the seeds in coco coir and letting sun warm them. When seedlings appear will use 2 f15 daylight 15 w 6500k. Once roots grow into solution going to 4 LED and 4 6500k 23 w CFL for duration of veg. When flowering starts will switch to 4 2700k 13 w CFL and continue the LED. Light cycle 24/7 during veg, and 16/8 during flowering. My strategy could be flawed, so I’m seeking advice on this.