Using Co2 gas issues

When my lights are on so is my exhaust fan. How can I use my Co2 system without the gas being sucked right out the window along with the bulb heat?

Co2 is ran at lights out ?

U need to run a y off of your extraction fan… so you bring outside air through your lights and back outside without sucking air from your room…
Also co2 is ran during lights on… @Hogmaster
No benefit when lights are out…:wink:



Never messed with it glad to know thanks buddy


Ya … roots search for oxygen all the time… but mostly at night…
Co2 during lights on… not really sure if there’s any benefit during lights out…
One thing for sure is if your in dwc or rdwc. You need to make sure that roots and water are not getting co2 saturated… it can kill your plants… it will also change ph drastically…
I use neoprene caps to make net baskets air tight… no co2 to the roots…


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It only helps if you have over 85000 lux. Then you can make it veg faster. If you have less light, CO2 is not the short leg in photosynthesis. If you do have more light, you need to add CO2 to reach it’s full potential, which will make it veg faster. For most of us, it’s a lot easier just to let it veg another week or two.

No photosynthesis during dark time, so added CO2 has no effect. Respiration during dark time actually makes and releases CO2.