Using club soda, if so, how much and when to use


I was talking with someone the other day about the use of club soda to help boost co2. He said it was an old timers trick. Does this work? If so, when and how often can it be used?


much easier to use the co2 bags. it does make a difference in enclosed spaces.


I use it all the time in veg… up to 6 times a day… I just fill a spray bottle and spray the crap out of them … top and bottom of leaves…
Works like a charm… :wink:
Do not pour into roots… roots need oxygen… plant leaves need co2…


I seen somebody talking about putting perrier into their hydroponic reservoir so the roots could get co²???

I hope the old timers aren’t telling you to put it at your roots, most things like club soda and perrier have minerals that are not macro nutrients but are micro nutrients and although most won’t hurt your plant, the plant probably doesn’t need them (at least not in excess) but it will still raise your Ppms,


Came from a younger guy. He did say to add it to the soil a couple times during a grow. I was asking to get a better understanding of if I should and how to use it.


Thank you for the info.


Do not put co2 in your roots… its toxic for the roots… when I add co2 to my room , I seal off all access to my roots… like I said , its toxic and will certainly change your ph in a hurry… :wink:



I meant to add that to what I said, I guess me attention was elsewhere at the time. Ty @peachfuzz :innocent: :slightly_smiling_face: