Using Bitcoin on the ILGM Seedbank


See the images.


On the first image scroll up until you see

4 - Pay us from your Blockchain wallet …

What does that say?


Ok, I see now. Thanks! :grinning:


If you buy something at a certain price, you don’t pay more or less than that price no matter what the coins are worth later in the day or week. I recall reading that even though there was a delay while the money moves through the system, the seed purchase would go forth at time of purchase. Is this still correct?
American money used to have gold backing it, “the gold standard” but no more. It is just paper being pushed around in place of digital numbers.


The fees currently are fairly low compared to back in November when I did my purchase. It’s between .50 and 1.50 now so the savings might be there to do it. At one point in December fees were up to $27 per transaction. It’s always good to check average transaction fees:

Note these fees are for priority transactions. When you do the transfer it’ll be much less.

Priority processes in less than an hour but I don’t think the extra fee is worth it.


thanks for the info @Tylan


I had a bad experience using bitcoin. I really wish they would use Paypal. I will not be making another purchase unless paying gets easier. I really love this site though.


@dave68 unfortunately due to PayPal policy they won’t be able to use them.


They use paypal now


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