Using Bitcoin on the ILGM Seedbank


I think its a risky investment @BIGE but im. O finance wizard
It a digital commodity that is conteoled bu who
Stock holders ??
At least the dollar is backed by a government?

Bit good question @3high5you


lol, i’m strictly a real estate guy when it comes to investments john…
you just can’t hardly loose in land…


I’m not looking to invest, just trying to save 10% on my order and get some bitcoins into Robert’s pocket! :smiley:


@tylan can maybe answer your question? I don’t know the answer myself. I thought he was able to go through all the steps at one sitting?

And no worries this is the sort of topic that is perfect for doing this for the greater good! lol


I guess if I were trying to pay with a credit card it might be faster, but I’m trying to connect my checking account.


lol,yea that tempt me also…lol
i have not done this yet ,but have account/purse set-up to do so…
next order


There’s no code @3high5you @bob31. You basically go through checkout and the Bitcoin required for payment automatically is adjusted for the discount so there’s no expiration to worry about :sunglasses:

My left over 5.84 is now worth 14.77 @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 I’m rich :rofl:

But yeah I’m expecting a crash soon I wouldn’t touch that stock with a ten foot pole. I wouldn’t even want to short it just too volatile.


Ok, so how do I figure out how much to send once my wallet has the money in it?


The cart basically goes into limbo and says transfer this amount of Bitcoin to this wallet. So you take that number and just transfer from your wallet to theirs. Going rate currently for Bitcoin is 0.005841 for $100 USD.

I also got a payment instruction email. Pasting part of it I hope this is allowed it shows nothing I would suspect was barred from posting but will remove if necessary.

You have chosen to pay with Bitcoin, a smart move. If you made the payment while the bitcoin window was still open, then your payment is matched to your order automatically
Did you not yet pay? Just follow these 4 steps:
1 - Open a “Bitcoin Wallet” at Blockchain
2 - Buy Bitcoins at coinbase (or somewhere else)
3 - Move the bitcoins from Coinbase to Blockchain
4 - Pay us from your Blockchain wallet (redacted amount) USD in Bitcoins.

Hope this helps and answers your question @3high5you


if it raises to 49.00 we could get some blackberry kush @Tylan


My question is, how will I know how many bitcoins to send in two weeks. Certainly the ratio of coins to dollars will have changed by then.


@3high5you You’ll never know that unfortunately because it changes so much. What you buy in Bitcoin today won’t be the same tomorrow. You’ll could be safe if you overshoot it. My bitcoins tripled in a month. It could have easily gone the other way.

You’re just at the verification step correct? That’s fine because you haven’t purchased any BTC yet. Once you’re verified you then just purchase the amount of the seed order in USD (your email from ILGM will say the USD amount). The Bitcoin amount doesn’t really matter. If you read about my experience then I would suggest you purchase an extra amount on top of the ILGM price just to cover the fees.


I just remembered I used to have a Bitcoin mining account 5 years ago. Just checked it and my BTC in that wallet is worth $55 wooo hooo. LOL

Might start mining again.


i have a friend that does that…lol
never got into it,


Hmm… Just got to wait for the transfer to complete… Should I wait for it to hit $79ish… decisions decisions… :yum:

Any suggestions on strain I should get? I’m thinking I’ll wait and hope my BTC goes up enough to grab L.A. Confidential. I only need it to go up by $5

@BIGE @3high5you @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

Also decided to try and mine Zcash (was the only thing I found that my GPU can handle) and convert it to Bitcoin later.


Here’s the problem, I finally confirmed my account today and bitcoins are now over $19,000 each. They were less than $17,000 when I made my order. If I were to purchase and send the bitcoins today, I’d be paying far more than I should! How do I figure out how many bitcoins to send at this new rate?


Good question @Tylan any ideas? I haven’t done this my self so I don’t know. @3high5you


@bob31 @3high5you

One thing I did notice is there’s heavy loads that occur and when those occur transaction fees are higher. Right now if I wanted to purchase something that’s $75 the fee is $15. This fee goes to the miners of BTC because they are the ones that verify the transaction which means they need to stop mining to verify causing them to lose money. Each transaction goes through a number of verifications like 16 or something before they are confirmed to be valid.

So I need to wait until the load has subsided if I want to save money. It’s a whole complicated process. I’ve actually been digging into cryptocurrency and it’s quite fascinating.

To answer your question if you purchase when it’s at 19,000 or 17,000 it’s all the same you’re purchasing $xx worth. The value is arbitrary. But my point is the fees are currently outrageous so be wary.


I realize the dollar amount will stay constant, but the email I got with the instructions gave me a unique hash and a set amount of bitcoins to send. If I sent that many bitcoins right now, it’ll actually be more than the total amount, not even counting the 10% discount!


Apologies @3high5you let’s back up for a minute I want to make sure we’re on the same page.

Are you sure the email you received with the subject

Payment instructions for order #(yours)

Says how much to pay in BTC?

Can you double check that? Step number 4 in that email is what I’m looking for. That should tell you the USD account you need to send. Then down below you click on the blue button that says Payment Information. That should then bring you to a screen instructing you to send the BTC to a wallet address.