Using Bitcoin on the ILGM Seedbank


We’ve had a lively discussion in “The Garden” Topic about using bitcoin on the ILGM Seed Shop.

Here is the link to the direction Thanks @Covertgrower

Let us know how you made out. if you got hung up some place along the way lets see if we can help you figure it out!

Note… I had to recreate the exact directions using a lot of copy and paste. Anything that looks like it might be in the wrong place or whatever check it on the link and let me know!

And also the directions from that link!


Paying with Bitcoin for the first time may seem complicated, but it is not. Especially, when we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Plus, we provide a 10% discount on your entire order when you pay with Bitcoin so it’s definately worth a few steps.

In short you will:

Create a wallet to store your bitcoins in.
Buy bitcoins with USD (or another currency)
Transfer the bitcoins to your new wallet.
Pay your seed order with the bitcoins from your wallet.
Seems easy enough doesn’t it?

Let’s get going!

Step 1: Create a wallet to store your bitcoins in

A bitcoin wallet is a digital place to keep your bitcoins. Just like a normal wallet filled with dollars. Use your bitcoin wallet to pay with bitcoins.

We suggest creating a free wallet with the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet platform: Blockchain. There’s no ID verification and no restrictions on how you spend your bitcoins.


Go ahead and create a wallet. We’ll wait…

Step 2: Buy bitcoins with your local currency

Buy some bitcoins and pay in dollars.

Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange platform. Their ease of use and acceptance of credit cards for buying bitcoins make them the most popular choice for most.

Coinbase requires an ID verification and is very strict in how you spend your bitcoins. That’s why you only use Coinbase to BUY your bitcoins. Do not use Coinbase to SPEND your bitcoins.


Important things to keep in mind:

DO NOT pay us with your Coinbase account!
Setting up an account requires ID verification. Don’t worry, this is standard procedure for all exchange platforms. You will not use Coinbase to make the seed purchase, only to buy the bitcoins
You can instantly exchange up to $150 to Bitcoin when you pay with a credit or debit card. Other payment methods are available but they take a couple of days to process.
Be sure to buy a few extra dollars worth of Bitcoin to make up for exchange fees.
Never use the Coinbase wallet for purchases. First transfer your bitcoins to your blockchain wallet. (see the next step…)
Go ahead and set up your account and buy the bitcoins. We’ll stick around…

Step 3: Transfer bitcoins to your wallet

Coinbase offers a Bitcoin wallet but they’ll close your account if you buy our seeds with it. Never use the wallet of an exchange platform to buy anything. Use a separate wallet, like Blockchain, instead.

To transfer your bitcoins to your Blockchain wallet go back to your new Blockchain wallet and hit “Request”. Then copy the Bitcoin address and head to Coinbase.


In Coinbase hit “Send” and paste the address in the recipient field. Enter the amount to transfer and verify the transaction.

You will now see your bitcoins pop up in your Blockchain wallet!

Note: Although the transaction says “pending verification” you can already head to the next step and round up your order.

Step 4: Pay your order with us

Pick your favourite strains from ILGM and go to the checkout. Select Bitcoin as the payment method.

At the payment page you will see a window displaying the Bitcoin amount and a Bitcoin address. This is where we’ll receive your bitcoins.


paying with bitcoin

Open your Blockchain wallet in a new browser tab and hit “Send”.


Copy the bitcoin address and bitcoin amount from your order and paste them at the Blockchain window. Confirm the transaction at Blockchain.

Your order will be shipped within one day of receiving your payment.

There you go!

You will receive some fine seeds with a nice discount shortly!

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Thanks for the shout out @bob31 I didn’t have any hang ups, but I didn’t make any purchases yet. If everything goes as seamless as the account set up and transfer, it should be just as easy to make purchases with it. A lot of lower 48 stores actually acept bitcoin as payment! They just scan a square code displayed on the screen.


Thanks @Covertgrower Let us know how it goes!


I will try again will probably have the wife take a shot at it or my daughter she’s good on computers and understands this kinda stuff I would much rather do it this way than send cash not that I don’t truse ilgm it’s the inbetween I don’t like


I’m at work right now but will study this and what @Covertgrower said and give her another try thanks @bob31 for the thread


I was lolking into this as well but seemed like it would cost me more in the end @bob31 ?? Ill be following the peeps here and see what they results are
Thanks forbthe tag Bobby


@Countryboyjvd1971 I was concerned also and with all transfer fees included, it was around the $5.00 mark for the fees. This number does flunctuate a bit, and it might be a bit more when you transfer a larger amount. I think it’s based on a percentage.


@Sirsmokes for the record, I used only my iPhone to set everything up. I also chose to use blockchain for my digital wallet platform because it works across many software systems, including a desktop. Just remember your log in information.


@Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 I think that is part of the reason why ILGM is offering the 10% discount.

If you spend $100 on seeds the ILGM discount would be $10 and the Bitcoin fees would be around $5 or so and I’m guessing less that the $10 discount for the seed shop? @GreenThunder


That part might be true, but consider also there’s no bank fees associated with the transaction… @bob31


Ok I took one for the team. I just ordered the Blackberry Kush (fem) and Skywalker OG (fem) using Bitcoin.

Let me start off by saying this is not the cheaper route.

Being an IT guy this process was STILL daunting.

The steps I did to complete are as follows. I used the places that ILGM recommended in their instructions.

  1. Create a blockchain wallet.
  2. Create a coinbase account/wallet.

Blockchain is a virtual wallet site that lets you store your Bitcoins (BTC).
Blockchain does not let you buy BTC. It tries to see if there’s an exchange place in your state (was not in CT, but I think MA had one). In order to purchase BTC I had to go to Coinbase.

  1. Verify my Identity. Needed to provide a Photo ID or a Drivers License. Needed to do this through sending a picture. I couldn’t get it to work properly on my PC. It worked sort of on my Android but when it got to the end verification part Chrome had too many redirects and it failed (seems to happen on my phone a lot). I ended up having to use a webcam and have it snapshot my drivers license and then take a selfie. This worked and I was verified.
  2. Verify your CC (can link a bank account I chose not to) by checking the deposit amounts.
  3. Purchase BTC. There is a fee for this. It ranges but I had to make 2 purchases (more on that later) one for $95 which Coinbase took out $3.65 and one for $20 which was hit for $1.49.
  4. Transfer BTC to Blockchain so that I can purchase seeds from ILGM. This also had a fee. It ranged. They charged me $11.50 to transfer $109.86 worth of BTC to my Blockchain wallet.

Transfer of BTC from wallet to wallet takes time. You have to go through whats called a chain verification process to make sure the transaction is legit. This has to cycle through six verifications before complete. This took two to three hours.

  1. Purchase seeds through ILGM and at payment details it gives you the wallet ID and BTC to transfer to that wallet. When I did this from Blockchain it charged me a $3.78 fee (varies depending on BTC rate). I could have changed the priority (can take about an hour normally) but I did not. I do not know what the fee would have been. It took four minutes for my payment to get received by ILGM.


Initial Investment: 115.00 After Coinbase Fees: 97.22
After Blockchain Fees: 93.44 After Seed purchase: 5.84

So if I take out the $5.84 from my initial investment of $115 that gives me $109.16. For a seed purchase of $98 it cost me $11.16 more. There is no savings I can tell doing it this way. Maybe if you do large purchases it might even out.

To note here, I did just as ILGM suggested. You may have better pricing going with another place for your BTC purchase/wallet.

Fees may be different as BTC fluctuates and the fees seem to be linked to how much BTC is being transferred/purchased.


thank you for your help @bob31!
i really like the discount,and it is safe …


So thanks for taking one for the team @Tylan I think I’m gonna stick with my credit card. But for those in other states/ locations in might be worth it? A little extra for a little peace of mind?


Looks like I will be having np other choice than to send cash this sux but I’m just going to have to make smaller purchases mote often so I’m not sending a bunch of cash in one envelope


That sounds like a royal pain in the ass! I will just keep using my CC.

So what is the deal with this Bit Coin stuff anyway? I just don’t get it. Why would you want to use it?


It just makes your transaction truly anonymous. That’s the only real benefit I see. If there weren’t so many fees associated with it then I’d probably use it all the time. I think I’m going to do some digging around to see if I can find alternatives to Coinbase and Blockchain that have lesser fees.


On a positive note the bitcoin I had left over that was worth $5.84 is now worth $6.93 :rofl:


@Rugar89 besides being anonymous there’s no third party involved to deny the purchase that your trying to do.


Sorry to dig up an old topic @bob31 , but is there an expiration on the code you get when you checkout and select bitcoin? I just processed a transaction for a seed order and when I went through these steps, found that I’ll have to wait several days for account verification before I can start the process to deposit funds and then send them. This may take a couple of weeks. Is that going to cause a problem for me?


that is a great question @3high5you i heard there stocks were going to be traded now…have you seen a rise in price?