Using bergmans nutes with autoflower

So question whats a good ppm or feeding chart using the bergmans nutes in a hydro grow with an autoflower the schedule they show is for photos and I know the autos can’t take as much nutes as a photoperiod so if anyone has a good schedule for those nutes directly or just a basic ppm range throughout a grow would be very helpful

Support ticket just in case

  • What strain, Jack 47xl autoflower true north
  • Method: Five gallon dwc
  • Vessels: five gallon bucket
  • PH of Water, ph I always keep between 5.6 and 6.0 never gets out of that
  • PPM/TDS or EC this weeks bucket was around 600
  • Indoor
  • Light system 1000 watt hps at 75% 600 watt growmol led full veg
  • Temps; Day,83 Night75
  • Humidity; Day,55Night55
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch carbon and exhaust fan sucking out 4inch blowing in and plenty of fans inside circulating
  • AC, Humidifier,De-humidifier, yes to all
  • Co2; , No.
    been having some rust spots on some bigger leaves and it feels dry where they’re rusted

I don’t know about the nutes but… why do you keep thinking autos can’t be given full nutes ? Just start off at half then build up your gonna have a few weeks starting in rock wool. So if your top feeding just give it half strenght till you see roots then bump it up.
It just something I have seen you say in a few post and i want to clarify it for you
Good luck

Any time I’ve even started at aquarter nutes and brought it up got nute burn like a mofo

All the reading I’ve done on autos I’m not th winky one that says they can’t handle as much nutes as a photo also

I just soak rock wool in full strenght for about an hour let it drain naturally for awhile put a seed in and wait. then when ever i need I dip the cube again till it gets roots.then I top water In the bucket with full strenght.

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I think it may have been that I was putting the calmag first before silica I switched it around we’ll see how it goes this bucket change ppm was 900

What kind of nutes you using @Mainboom


I think I’m gonna pick up some general hydro flora trio for my next bucket grow this bergmans ain’t gonna last long they say enough for five plants maybe in soil

No don’t do it!.. :joy::rofl::joy:

Get Jack’s. It doesn’t get any cheaper and easier with Jack’s.


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Flora works ok low on phosphorus though I think anyhow reasearch nutes everyone will have a preference

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Explain this jacks too me send me pics of what I need I’m finding so many different ones @spyonyou please


I know of several that use the Jack’s 321 which is what I use as well. I add armor si and then hydroguard after I mix nutes.

All you need is:

Part A 3.69 grams/gal
Part B 2.44 grams/gal
Any Epson salt will do. 1.0 grams/gal

You mix in the order of part A (stir), Epson salt (stir) and then part B (stir)

From seedling to harvest. About 950ppms the whole time.
Check with @Grandaddy013 @Covertgrower @imSICKkid they use it but may add other stuff.

Let me know if you have questions. You can find video of it on YouTube and on here.


I bought the the Jack’s 321 kit from their website but you can get just A, B from amazon and any epson salt will do.
My kit came with the mixing bucket and lid, clone, boost, finish, part A, Part B, and epson salt for I think around $138.00ish 2.2 lb bags. I can do several grows with just the A B & ES

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I heard somewhere not to use the ArmorSi with Jack’s, so I don’t use it

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Humm! I might need to check on that. I’ve been using it on my whole grow.

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Silica is always added first before anything else.


So add the hydroguard last


Did everything in order except put the hydroguard in before nutes

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