Using Bergman plant food in small auto Hydro System

Newby here… Experimenting with a small automatic hydro system… Just going to start with 3 seeds. Bought the Bergmans fertilizer 4 packet system. Now the question: With hydro system do I mix the fertilizer per ratios on the packages and use it at that strength for the circulation water in the system? I thinking I am reading the chart correctly, you use the Flowertime Fert for the entire life of the plants and add in the Seedling Booster, Plant Booster, and Growth Fert per the Hydro Chart? Thanks!


I’m a soil a grower so all I can say is welcome to the forum! You’re in the right place for info and one of the great growers of the community will learn you some stuff!

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I have a DWC system and found a feed chart for Bergman plant food.
I would use the package instructions and use the total amount of your system holds including the reservoir.
Here’s that feed chart for Hydro.

I take it your have the ph and TDS meters and some ph up and ph down for adjustments to your water?

I also recommend your feed once per week and check ph daily until you get a feel for any drift.
Top off your tanks daily after checking ph and make adjustments to ph and check TDS and see if it is going up or down. TDS will tell you how much plant food is being consumed. Usually in hot climates you’ll see TDS rise as more water than nutrients are consumed. Adjusting temp and humidity as need.
Dump the water once a week and restart the process.


Mix all the appropriate fert’s in one container per week
Use at full mixed strength as sole source of water for hydro system
Change out once a week with next weeks formula
Gotcha, Thank you

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