Using Argon for preservation

Hi growers,

A question from one of our customers about preservation of dried weed:

Once dried for 3 weeks and put in large sealed glass jars, have you ever heard of filling the jars with pure Argon? It’s a dense, heavy gas that will fill the jars nicely and because there is no oxygen, CO2, or nitrogen to effect decomposition it seems a perfect preservation environment. I am a TIG welder with plenty of pure Argon.

Do you know of anyone who has tried it? To what effect?

No idea but for the price of argon, it seems to be a better investment would be Grove Bags and some Boveda packs. Light will still penetrate your generic mason jars and degrade the THC over time. Groves prevent the light penetration (uv protected) and retain moisture - Boveda packs are my security blanket just in case to help preserve terpene flavor and thc potency.

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A freezer works just fine. I’m smoking flower I put in jars 4 years ago that looks, tastes and has similar (apparent) potency as when it went in the jar.


I also tig weld and have heard of this many times over the years, but i have yet to try it. Being every other house from Texas to Maine belongs to a welder there is plenty of cheap argon around.

Argon is an inert gas that we often use to purge Stainless Steel pipe. @ILGM.Support does the op have the ability to reply to these type of reprint posts, or is this just another exercise in futility?

I know expensive pictures can be preserved like this. I imagine the op handsome type of large stainless steel vessel that can store lots of herb with a purge connection for gas, if so, I would love to see a pic of his art.

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I know you and others use a freezer for long term storage. I have lots of trim in jars in the freezer waiting for that rainy day when I don’t have anything else to do. Can you dispel for me the notion that the rapid freeze thaw cycles of frostless freezer harm / degrade bud. Your use certainly counters that belief.
Thanks again


I would think it would degrade just like meat over time @beardless but we are talking a few years. Argon, helium and other inert gases have been used to store print, art etc long term, but plant matter I don’t know… interesting

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Good point: I use an older freezer without a defrost cycle. You can use a frost-free freezer by storing your flower in a small styrofoam cooler inside the freezer. This will prevent large temp swings when defrost cycle is running. THC will still degrade over time but it is a LOT slower and more importantly; the flower remains fresh tasting.


Thanks - I now recall using a cooler.

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Good to know! Thanks :love_you_gesture:

I keep mine in vacuum sealed mason jars in a cool dark place. Kept for a couple years and we still like it. Pretty much just like it went in. No bodeva bag. If you erer see one of these bags degrade you will never put one in your personal stash again. How is the humidity going to change in a vacuum. Also storing in the dark there is no light to degrade the terps.
Just my personal experience everyone has there own.
I will say the argon catchs my interest though.
I work with vacuum sealed meat packing and we use nitrogen to deplete oxygen.

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