Using any calmag with Jacks

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I am not using anything but recharge, and tribus.


I don’t know jack lol but funny aside I’ve seen a few times that jacks has plenty of Cal-mag in their nute line… am I right Ms @Graysin

Correct indeed @MeEasy

Jack’s 3-2-1 has calcium (Part b) and magnesium (the “1” aka the Epsom salts) already in the formula.

If she’s looking magnesium deficient, it doesn’t hurt to scoot the Epsom salt up .2 grams per gal.

Shouldn’t really need it. See the comment above.

Adding the original post here for reference:

Can anyone please tell me if this is an issue! Fire OG day 27 from light flip. Feeding Jacks 321, light 350r at 100%. Last feed was 850 ppm, recharge, 6.3 ph’d RO water. Fan leafs are changing to dark reddish color. Other than that she looks really good to me. Any help or information is appropriated!

Edit - isn’t Fire OG supposed to be a colored strain? Dark red sounds like it’s probably just a phenotype. Never grown it but that’s my bet.