Using an Instant Pot for Budder/Oils/etc


Has anybody tried using a pressure cooker for making budder, oils, tinctures, etc? I’m thinking it would work like gangbusters, and plan on trying it in about a week.

If you’ve tried it, let me know how it worked, or if you have any hints/tips. If you haven’t, stay tuned over the next week or so, and I’ll share my results.

Cannabutter - why decarbox?

@blackthumbbetty I myself have not tried using a pressure cooker but there are tons of utube videos on the subject. Also @AnneBonny is the resident edible go to person as far as I know.


Thanks! I’ve done my internet research, and am now looking to discuss with people who have first hand experience using an electric pressure cooker for making oils & such.

There are several ways I’ve seen it done using a pressure cooker, and was hoping to get others’ opinions on which pressure cooker method they preferred.

I’m already a pro at budder & tinctures made in the usual methods, but I’d like to put my pressure cooker to good use, as well. :grinning:

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I’m wanting to try tincture to put in a vape pen. I’ve got 6 grams of kief waiting now lol.


That’d make great tincture! Yum!

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Id be curious as well to get a few answers on this @blackthumbbetty
I don’t believe @AnneBonny uses a pressure cooker tho She is my goto on edibles


Hey @blackthumbbetty I have not tried a pressure cooker. Honestly they intimate me so I don’t own one. My mother had one growing up and all that shaking of that thing on the top and escaped steam makes me nervous. Mind you I am sure pressure cookers have come a long way over the years but I can’t get that intimidation out of my head. She used to make a mean beef stew in that thing. I wonder how the butter would react with the steam and what are the chances of burning it? Can you tag me if you post on it? I’m curious now.


I’m watching :+1: if I ever get a good grow done I want to make the most out of every bit of it :wink:


@AnneBonny. Lol! I agree about being intimidated by pressure cookers, myself. The new electric ones, with all the safety features, just seem safer, otherwise my stoned, silly butt wouldn’t go anywhere near a pressure cooker. :grinning:

I was looking at the mota maker & mbm, and they use a small amount of pressure to get the job done. I thought to myself, hmmmm…I wonder how a pressure cooker would work? There aren’t too many online articles about it, well, at least not as many as I thought there’d be.

I’m going to try the jar method: put ground herb & oil in mason jar; put on lid as if canning, leaving it loose enough for pressure to escape; place jar inside pot; add water to halfway up jar; start pressure cooking for 60-90mins; cool; release pressure; strain; store. From the few things I’ve read, since the temps get to about 250 in a pressure cooker, the process even decarbs. :clap::clap::clap:


Stayed tuned! In about a week I’m going to try my experiment using 1/2 cup clarified butter with 10+g cured/ground flower (probably 6-Shooter & amnesia haze) & a fair amount of ground high quality sugar leaf trim. I plan on making no-bake dark chocolate fudge with the pressure cooker cannabudder; it should make 20-24 very strong servings. The temp of the pressure cooker runs between 230-248, so cooking the oil/herb mix for 90 minutes should definitely decarb everything just fine.

I’ll share the entire process, whether it’s a failure or a success. Let’s hope it’s a success. :smile:


It was a complete success!

Smart pot cooker for cannabutter


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Thanks sweetie. I bookmarked it :+1:

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I just looked at your thread here on using the Instapot to make your canna butter/oil. How well did it work? Did you feel you got the entire yield from the pot as if you were doing it traditionally only at a faster pace?


Never mind I saw elsewhere you said it was a success. I have an instapot at home too.


It’s how I’ve been making my budder, since that first test. I think I get a better yield than I used to, in only an hour’s time.

I have started decarbing in the oven for 30 mins, then I pressure cook for 20. After decarbing, I spritz the material with ever clear, then do the pressure cook thing.

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Everclear the alcohol?

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I found this article a few months ago
which led me to the Scientic Method (method 1) for making budder.

With the oven decarb for 30 and pressure cooking for 20, it ends up decarbing for about an hour.


Oh, btw, that should say Scientific Method…lol! Stupid me for not editing before posting. I blame the weed.

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No worries thank you. I am not the cook in my house and I suspect that when I start cooking my weed my wife is going to be very protective of her InstaPot. She uses it often and stores it carefully. I am a complete newbie to this. I had to leave weed for a long time due to my employment but now that I am retired and living in a recreational state I get to enjoy all of this and eat my cake too. LOL Thanks for the links too.