Using an aquarium heater

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m waiting on my 3 seeds and with my 600 watt light I’m going bubblehydroponics, my question is I’m in a basement and right now spring is starting but not real warm yet , can I use a aquarium heater in the water to make it 78-80 degrees?

I hope my crop of Amnesia haze is the best ever grown in the world LOL

Hello there and welcome to ILGM

im a soil guy but if thats what the temp should be…why not
Just make sure you dont get it to warm cause even I know this will create mold.


You will not really know the temperature of your grow area until you set it up and try it out.

The light will warm the air and buckets…by how much is for you to see by setting it all up and running a few days. I’m not saying you won’t need a heater, but wait and see.

Up to 80, down to 62, day and night. 75 and 65 would be great.

The room my 4x4 tent is in is 50 degrees. It’s cold here in the days and below freezing at night, on 250w my tent stayed between 66 and 72

on 400 watts setting my light Heats my tent to 75-77 unvented (perfect)

I haven’t run it on 600 yet, I wouldn’t run it unvented on that setting

It raises temp over 25 degrees in my tent at 400 watts.

I also insulated under the floor pan with an inch of styrofoam insulation

U can use it however the water in hydro should not be over 71 above that and the oxygen in the water won’t be sufficient to fight off root rot