Using Amino Acids in Hydro

Does anyone have any experience with using Amino Acids in growing weed? I just bought some “RAW OminA” (Amino Acids) from NPK nutrients. It’s NPK is 14-0-0
@pigsquishy where you at?

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I am right here… and yes I use OminA and have been for awhile now… I am not sure what you need for information or whatever on this, so I will just cover everything I know about this stuff from both Harley Smith’s Grow Class on YouTube and from my own personal experiences thus far with it.

First Harley stated in his Grow Class when discussing this product about how it allowed him to turn to using his own high PPM tap water without having to filter it. He also discusses how his stems on his plants got huge and how the quality of the produce went off the charts to a Brix Level of 12 (Brix is a meter to measure the sugars and nitrates inside of a plant’s leaves to determine a plant’s health and quality status).

Hearing all of this lead me to rushing out to try buying OminA and getting away from RO Water and switching to my 950-ppm tap water, very high in Cal-Mag. So high in fact that if I water a house plant with it for 7-days the top of the soil will become white and within a week or two will even get a crunchy top to the soil which gets harder and harder over more time. I at least knew going into this experience with some background with my tap water and something to base my experience with OminA with, I felt at the time… The first few times I followed the directions for using the 1/4-teaspoon per a gallon of water, as when it said 1/8-1/4 per a gallon, I felt given my water I’d better do more than less…

My first experience with using was in a recirculating hydro system, and I expected truthfully to see my plants whither and die in short order given my tap water, because despite everything Harley said I truthfully was scared of trying this. As you can imagine I was looking in there every 1-2 hours and monitoring for any changes of any kind, if I need to stop this experiment I needed to know early on so I didn’t kill the plants was my thought. I did notice some of the plant’s stems down near the base got HUGE… I am seriously talking over 1-inch wide at the base! Sure plants do grow bigger at the base sometimes I do know that, I just have never seen a plant stem go from the size of a pencil across to looking wider than a Bic Lighter in a week though myself. More of the plants were affected in this way than not.

Going back to what Harley said in the Grow Class… something about 1-ion on Calcium being able to being exchanged with the plant, but with OminA now its million upon millions or billions upon billions of Calcium ions being exchanged with the plants because of OminA, they are not sure and would need to invent a new scale to measure it the amount is so off the charts! Harley had also explained in that something about the other nutrients needing Calcium to travel… I know I tried to remember everything he said on this stuff… and hands down seeing is believing… and while I am not scientist I only know what I see or think I am seeing…

Later I would see such great successes with this in hydro, that when I dumped the hydro water oddly enough I never expected it to affect the plants I feed with the water at the end of the cycle. When those plants took off at amazing speeds, I then turned to making 30-gallons of water with only 1-Tablespoon of OminA and a weak nutrient solution to feed some fruit trees. I expected “some slight” growth changes… 3-days later I had people knocking on my door asking me what I did to my trees, 7-days later I got people stopping in the street in cars to ask me. I only gave those trees a single feeding and a 1/3 of a nutrient starter dose for seeds and clones… not even close to what a tree should get or what it should have needed, so I did not expect much for changes or growth from anything other than to just try to give it an edge.

Again going what to what Harley said and now seeing such explosive growth from such a low dose of everything, I decided to cut the 30-gallons of res water down to only 1/2-Tablespoon of Omina, remember I have already used it once on these plants at the instructed high dose. There are 3-teaspoons to 1-Tablespoon, so at a recommended min dosage that is for 24-gallons at 1/8-teaspoon per a gallon.So now I am around 1/16-teaspoon per a gallon like on some of there other nuterients recommended dosages, and I am still seeing great results with this with no noticable changes in the higher or lower doses and am happy with where I am at with its results to this point.

To be completely fair at the same time I added this to my water I also started using Yucca Root by RAW as well and I have seen how it does also make a difference for temp swings and how quickly the plant’s leaves can uptake a foliar spray. Used in the res thought it helps lateral branching of the roots, as Harley explains it, and all I know whether it was the OminA or Yucca Root my plants and trees and everything have taken off with amazing growth from the dosages of these things. Hopefully that answers your questions on this… if not let me know I can put you directly in touch with Harley Smith.


You’re the man @pigSquishy that’s why I asked you haha!
I’d love to talk to Harley!
I’m going to add some OminA when I do water changes today for my DWC buckets. I think I’ll start low with 1/4 tsp for 3 gallons of water.
Is there any special way to mix this in? Or can I just dump in directly into the reservoir and it will dissolve?

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I just measure and dump it in… takes a minute or two for everything to dissolve but the air bubbles do a fine job of breaking it all up and into the water… never had any issue with needing to do anything special with any of their stuff.


GGLLad to to see you back:grinning: and i use an connisoure and it claims to have its own aminos, But after reading this iam ordering some raw aminos to nite just to try it … thanx Squishy .

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@pigSquishy can you pm me the where and how to acquire …thanx Hammer

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Sorry @Hammer it appears that you will need to message me to get it… I am unable to start any messages to you or anyone anymore it seems.

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@pig Squishy . grab an oar whittle it down and wrap a rag around it and POUND it in the Hole …cause were in the same BOAT …lolol .i can reply to an old mess but not create a new one …and i cant find any old ones from you to use .to get a new one thru… MMMMMMMMMMMM don’t know . mite check out the support …its not just you or me . its a few others as well… …i thought it mite be the buds i cured for the last 3 months … same as avatare … next one will be this crop before cutting , and with the added knowledge of this forum … if you hear something any thing @ Me so ill see faaster Hammer :grinning: Ps good to see you back buddy , kinda missed ya ,just a little :grinning::joy::sunglasses:

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@ pigSquishy can you over add them ??? aminos acids