Using Aerogarden hydroponic systems

Would like to hear from folks who have used an Aerogarden Ultra or similar unit and are willing to share tips and successes or failures. Some of the items to discuss would be unit settings, when to switch light cycle, etc etc.

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I ran out of room.for my roots to grow. Still got just under 2 oz. I used the tomato setting and just customized the light to 12/12. Once the plants get a little bigger you.might want to adjust the water pump also.


I started in on one but bailed at seedling figuring it would be too small and the lights not high enough.

With additional lighting and lots of LST I bet you could grow 1 plant. I just figured since I have a tent I wouldn’t bother. I’d follow your grow if you do it though :slight_smile:


Light height is also an issue after 6 weeks I had to.remove the LED light and buy a bigger one to.hang above it

What is the rationale for adjusting the water pump?

More the roots help keeps the nutrients from sitting on the bottom, helps keep the roots from.clogging the pump

how many hours is yours set for? I have the default setting

35 days


I noticed that the default setting during growth mode is 1440 which means pump is on 24 hours a day

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