Using a whole home dehumidifier

I have a lead on an inexpensive used whole-house dehumidifier. It’s got 8" intake & exhaust, 65 pints/day (@ 80F, 60%)(8+ gal/day), and it should be simple to set up with a humidistat inside the grow area. My grow area is at least 6’ x 6’ x 9’, and could stretch to as much as 12’ x 12’ x 9’ (w x d x h). RDWC with an external reservoir if that matters.

Was thinking I could combine dehumidification with the charcoal filter (tent → filter → fan → dehumidifier → tent), but I think maybe that’s not the best idea (I’d want the filter running more than the dehumidifier might need to run)…

… so that took me to tent->filter->fan-> (either tent or another room), plus tent->fan->dehumidifier->tent.