Using a water distiller for your plant water

Hello community I have a quick question that may have already been covered ,but I have recently purchased a water distiller I have used it to make a few gallons and the ppm 7 to 10 do y I u think this is okk to use for my girls ??

the ppm is fine,… just check the Ph before you water

Sweet I was hoping it would work got it pretty cheap now I don’t have to go into town so often for water !!! Major victory haha😅

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I’ve been using distilled as well. I’m at 2 weeks and will be trying my tap water (164ppm). I hope they don’t mind!

I’m on my fourth gallon now it is going pretty fast it is going to be a lifesaver and 160 doesn’t sound to bad my tap was almost 400!! Scary

I saw a portable RO system for around $65 (3-stage) or around $100 for the 4-stage. Screws onto a hose connection. Seriously thinking about getting it. Would be enough for my needs. 50 gallon per day.


That definitely won’t hurt anything
Looks decent and for the price can’t beat it water filtration can get costly I know I have around 800 into my system but it does the whole house so
Waiting on my ppm meter should have it by Thursday so I can test water but I’ve been using it during the veg stage with no problems so I’m sure it fine just more curious


What were your results? I just got my meter in and my well water was at 210ppm. It’s actually lower than I was expecting with all the rust stains and lime/calcium deposits I have to deal with!

My pH is a little high at 7.4, but that comes down when nutrients are added. Going with worm tea for most of my next grow. Interested in finding out if the money is worth the results since my tea only cost me time and effort. Not a lot of either.

Hmm…gonna go watch the jets flying. They’ve been rattling my windows the last few days. Must be ramping up bombing maneuvers. Big helo recently passed overhead too.


I have city water and just use a undersink RO filter it has a pretty high ppm before the filter mid 400s until they shock it and then it smells like a pool but after it is in the upper 40s to lower 50s for ppm . Those little cannister filters work pretty good

my ph is constant between 6.1 and 6.3 and I have to raise it when I add my nutts
My ppm where a bit high around 480 before my filters and in the high twos after my filter ? But that’s off the top of my head I will take another reading and edit this post later bro
I don’t have a ro filtration just triple pass with uv
And it’s a bit crazy because I don’t have any of those hard water issues ?

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my well water has changed over the last year, as long as I’ve owned a pH pen!

summer 2015 my water was always above 7.0, usually 7.3
we have had mild drought conditions over the last year and summer 2016 the pH has been 6.5 or lower

I used pH perfect nutes last year and they never got lower than 6.2 on their own…now they buffer to 5.8!


So I have made over 40 gallons so far and it’s going srone 340ish ppm to around no higher there 12 ppm everytime ph sits at around 7.5 constitantly

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