Using a soda steam for directly adding co2 to grow tent

Hey grow fam, so today I was sitting getting some therapeutic value just going over everything in my grow area in my loft when I realized I’ve in my soda stream (wife was on a kick way back making her own soda drinks) has a 60L co2 canister and ideally that would be convenient supplementing (also have a Exhale co2 bag) co2 directly in to my tent. So what I did was ran some air tubing from the soda steam nozzle and connected it to a 4way tubing split and connected 3 other tubes to the split and ran that from the top access whole with 2 tubes to each corner one directed to the middle. I thought this was a pretty solid idea but I want to know what some you think. Know I don’t have a way to gauge exactly how much co2 is going into the tent but a 5-8 second burst is about how much is in a 2L soda bottle.



Now that’s pretty nifty :wink:

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Cannot wait to see the results.

That grow room looks…well…just, too clean, LOL :smiley:

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Yeah being slightly OCD and a perfectionist has its pros lol but I have to tell myself leave it alone patience a lot :wink: thanks guys

I have never seen this done, so; I say go for it.

A hint: Milwaukee and Hanna both make a co2 meter that you could purchase if you want to really know what level of Co2 is being accumulated.

Perhaps we can find you a link for same. :slight_smile: Let me know, lw

I was looking at a few of those. Thanks for recommending a brand I’ll stick between those two. I’m not frugal at all but I’m looking for a good condition used one as its always something else I have to pick up and with this new hobby I’ve put out close to 1500-2k already lol

How do you run your exhaust? 24/7, or are you cycling it to maintain the higher co2 levels?

I have a Bluetooth timer connected the fan and to my phone on a schedule. I have to refine tthis sched so I’m not just blowing co2 out through the scrubber and duct work. The fan I have so I can pull hot air out when the light is on and I understand plants only use co2 during photo period when lights are on so that’s my next dilemma. If you have any input or suggestions on this it would be much appreciated.

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I’ve never run co2 pretty much for that reason. It’s really difficult to do properly without air conditioning, especially in a small space. Instead I just try to keep my light levels around the point of diminishing returns.

All of the research points to having ppfd of between 1000-1200 umols minimum before cost of supplemental co2 is justified in yield return. At that point, you still need to keep from exhausting as you pointed out. I tried with a bunch of 20 oz tanks and regulator designed for paintball guns. Copped a solenoid from work and $10 recycle timer from fleabay. Hardly scientific, as I wasn’t able to measure levels. But I didn’t gain any weight, and that was with clones under same lights with nearly identical feed schedule.

I seen enough that I’d never bother with the hassle of a baking soda drip, or spend any cash on the exhale bags anyway. But maybe would’ve been different if I was able to run sealed room. Hopefully your experience is different. But my opinion would be to not drop too much cash or time into it until you’re confident the light levels are high enough and you can keep from exhausting it right away.

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