Using a personal check for payment

Was wondering how many people have purchased seeds with a personal check.

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Welcome to the forum. I have sent cash a couple times and the orders always arrive in a timely manor.

I’m surprised that anyone would take a personal check these days.

I purchased with a check on my last order. It was simple. I can’t recall how long it took to get seeds but it didn’t take very long. I’ll pay using this method next time around as well.

I used cash with no problems just seems using a personal check takes the worry out of knowing if the cash makes it again Thanks for the feed back.

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My first purchase was with a check. Other than the time it takes for snail mail received order in less than a week. I just made another purchase. I used what I assumed is a new payment method. It is a electronic ck. My sale went right through. No mailing checks or cash.

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I’ve heard that ■■■■ has a pre load card option? I think all you need to do is go to your bank and tell them you wish to use a credit card for payment but you want to pre load it, that way you font need a credit application or approval. Oh yeah I cant use that word on here but it starts with a V and sounds like pizza lol