Using a Green light to work in the garden at night

Hello there. This is my first post so I’ll keep it…light.
I have on occasion gone in to work in the garden at night (lights off on a 12/12 flowering cycle) and I use a green light to see. Ive heard the green light does not disturb the plants but have always been sketchy doing it and feel the need to hurry and for some reason be quiet like I’ll wake em up! Anyway does anybody have any input on the green light deal. Am I screwing them up? Thanks!

You should be. Nasa, Oxford, and i believe Bruce Bugbee have all reported plant response to green wavelengths. While there are plenty of people who claim to have done this for years, your best practice should be to avoid it. If you do absolutely have to, research proper wavelengths to be most successful, use extremely low intensity lights, and be as quick as possible.


When I’ve had to enter the flowering room at lights out, I’ve used a low intensity green led flashlight. I have no idea the wavelength.

While I don’t believe this has ever cause issues, I’d be inclined to follow @dbrn32 s advice.


Yeah, the problem is all the parts of the spectrum that are visible to us are also visible to the plant.
Plants are like cats and can use more of the spectrum than we can actually.

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