Using a check to buy seeds from ilgm

I am new to the forum and need help buying seeds. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am looking to buys seeds and I have read about all the horror stories about using a cc and having it declined. I was wondering what is the least stressful way to do it? I am thing about a bank transfer or bank check. Thanks

I use credit card or debit card never had an issue and fast delivery. Good luck!

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I do a bank transfer always goes through just take about a week to process works every time

Credit card or debit has worked well for me, got my seeds within 10 days

I moved your post to the approriate support area so that the office can advise you on your options. I hope this helps.

ILGM.Stacy is on vacation until the 16th but, I imagine someone is watching out for customer support.

I am not sure if you can help this member out or not.

I am on my first grow so take this for what you think it’s worth. I ordered from ILGM online and chose cash option. They sent me an email with instructions that I followed precisely. I mailed them the cash, they mailed me the seeds, no problems. I am in the states so I might have made a different choice if I lived in another country.

Zell definitely the quickest way and best way in my opinion. Already did 2 orders with ILGM

Thanks everyone! I have to save a little bit more cash. I like the bank transfer idea or check the best, now I just have to decide.