Using a boveda humidor pack

I actually had good results using the 58% pack I got free from a local store. But I wonder if environment and amount makes a difference. I had dried in a low rh environment (about 25%) and had only about an ounce in the jar. But after about a 2 week cure, the bud was just a little sticky, had a nice fruity smell and the smoke was extremely smooth and very potent.

After reading some of the others experience, I wonder if these are more like a way to patch over issues for those of us who have less than ideal environments for drying/curing, rather than something to be used by everyone.

Was looking at those grove bags for this harvest. How are they working for u? Last year I had to burp 30 quart size jars was pain in the the ass. This year that could double.

They worked great so far, and Sunday will be 5 weeks. The taste is awesome and still holding 60% rh. I bagged them and only went in the bags to sample every week. No burping other than that.
I hp
I would say that at 4-5 weeks this is perfectly cured.
I’m sold on them and I’m glad they didn’t let me down.

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I will definitely be ordering some. No burping, no dropping jars, and I can fit a lot more pouches in my cabinet.

I got 1/4 pound bags, and ounce bags.
1/4 pound for curing and ounce bags for using.
I’m quite happy with that selection. Think of your needs when ordering.

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