Using a boveda humidor pack

From a fellow grower: What is your opinion of Boveda humidor packs and how to use them properly?The word is that it keeps the jar contents fresh and flavorful. I was wondering if you had positive or negative experience with them.


There’s a lot of people who use them I’ve never heard of anyone having any negative impact from using them


I’ll chime in here.

I began using boveda packs (62%) about a year ago. Initially just in a jar with cured bud. Then I noticed their site recommended using them in the jar during cure to help stabilize rh. So I’d pop one in a qt jar during cure.
Then I noticed my buds never really got over the green smell of pre cure, and in fact took on a sour/musty odor. There was no mold.

I tried with several different harvests, but adding the boveda packs always left the same sour/musty smell.

I emailed boveda. We had several exchanges. Their last recommendation was to buy more packs, and not use them during cure. They believe the paper wrapper of the packs absorbed some off smells during their use in cure, and were passing them on to fresh batches every time I used them.
Fair enough.
Except they RECOMMEND using their packs for curing, and their solution is to buy more? Because their product absorbs smells and can pass them on if used as directed?

I’m giving boveda a big :-1: .
Use them at your own risk, don’t expect much from the company, and I personally wouldn’t put them in until the buds are fully cured.


I have to agree with you as I have found the same thing. Now I don’t put them humidity packs in there till I am sure I have them cured, may take a month or so.

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I don’t use them so glad you guys could chime in

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@zparkie2 & @Drinkslinger stoked this came up!

A few of my plants, actually a majority got too dry on me this round. I was at 55% average. I added Boost packs 62% and they are sitting in jars with them currently I’m back into the 60%-62% range.

Based on both of our experiences its seems I should remove the packs, discard and continue the cure?

Sound about right ?


No idea about boost packs. Perhaps they’re made with a better outer material.

I’d pull your packs out and smell them. If you don’t like what you smell,
Pull them out


I’m still really irritated with boveda.


Thank you @Drinkslinger. I think I will pull them out anyway, regardless of smell.


Been saying same as you since I’ve been here.


Thanks for the topic and discussion folks. Was thinking about getting some packs to try but I think I’ll stick to the freezer for longer term storage after reading about this. Peace all. :wink::+1::v:

Pulled out my packs today. No weird smell.

But I’m over them.


Lol… Never bad experience for them. 2 way 65% are best for quart 60g and yeah I put them in after cure bc buds go 50% and below. Then I hope to rehydrate them ang get the freshness back. Sorry my very bad English.
Used them many times.

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What ended up happening with your buds

My buds were also a bit too dry and reading low humidity, so I added the packs to boost them up

Did the humidity in your jars ever go up naturally?

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@BrothaDan nothing really. I just feel like I try hard to grow organic healthy weed and then I go and put this man made humidity pack made with who knows what in with the herb. If your RH is too low, add a fresh leaf.

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to me negative effects - did use them and even did a side by side - they influenced it in taste, smell. ifone was going to save pot for 6 months or more then use them for 15 day cure to 2 ioonths conside not useing them,

I have used them. In my experience, they do affect the taste profile negatively, but this seems to have only happened to jars that the contents had a higher relative humidity than the pack was rated.
I do still use them when I lose humidity in the jar, but I let them get to 55% RH then use 55% packs, that RH still gives you nice moisture content in the buds.
HOWEVER, my last harvest is 17 days in cure in Grove bags, and I’m hopeful that I’m done with humidity packs altogether.
Wish us all luck


I have used them. Our Rh is 5%, so they are must. I store in half gallon mason jars in wine refrigerator we converted for cannabis at 64 deg.

I am going to look into the Grove bags though, as i am seeing them pop up more in popularity.

I’m still kind of on the fence with trying these things. My natural environment here is 25%RH or even drier. I know I’m probably going to need to do something to prevent drying too fast. I only just moved my first seedling to the main tent, so I have some time to get something in place. I’m just not sure these packs are the solution if they’re going to affect flavor.

“RH is too low, add a fresh leaf.”…My rh is running low.35%…what do you mean add leaf?