Useing medical oxygen with DWC?

Has any one out there ever used a small medical oxy machine in tandom with regular air pumps to supplement in their DWC set up ?? and if so, would having well water affect any sort of lock out ??

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I answered your original question here:


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Don’t be confused between ozone gas (O3) and elemental oxygen gas (O2), the gas required for maintain all healthy aerobic plants, animals and bacteria.
Check the gases out:
Ozone O3 100% pure Careful, “ … high oxidizing potential, however, causes ozone to damage mucous and respiratory tissues in animals, and also tissues in plants, above concentrations of about 100 ppb. That’s 100 parts per billion folks!
**Oxygen O2 100% pure ** -
Air (a mixture of different gases; 80% Nitrogen, 20% oxygen) – never confuse plenty of air with plenty of oxygen -
Supplemental oxygen supplementation is secret stuff. Pro growers claim that maintaining 100% DO Saturations 24/7 throughout the grow season produces spectacular results in plant root ball growth/health and microorganism growth and culture health.
Net result of supplemental O2 administration – healthier plants, healthier root balls and healthier, more prolific microbial cultures = faster high quality grow-out time (exceptional bud growth) and more net profits.
O2 gas is cheap, the results is spectacular… Go for it Bro and never tither again about the possibility of low-oxygen problems and the heartbreaks of discovering and treating fungal outbreaks.