Use to be able to Clone Now Look!

Ok. It has been a few years since I last cloned. When I did I pretty much had a 100% at least 95% success rate. Now look. What am I doing wrong?

-take clipping from mother plant.
-sterilize everything.
-45 degree angle cut stem. cut stem a little
-dip in root stimulator (I use Wilson Liquid Root Stimulator)
-put in jiffy pots
-cut tips of leaves
-put in my little green house.
-few weeks later usually roots but no I got this.

One of my five is doing OK. At least it looks okay.

Help is appreciated.

Looks like the plugs were too wet and they damped off. They don’t have any roots when you clone so they’re going to get their water from the humidity not the plugs.


Thanks. I thought so too @BobbyDigital should the plugs / rock wool be completely dry and just mist the leaves twice a day. Frustrating because I had this down pat a few years ago. Thoughts @dbrn32

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You can get them wet but wring out as much water as you can by squeezing them. You’ll want them moist for when it does spring roots.


I agree, those peat pots seem more difficult to use. I have always used rapid rooters soaked in rooting solution, then just squeezed excess out so they were damp but not dripping. Then dome and mist regularly.