Use rob bergmens seedling booster

should i use rob bermens seedling booster on my plant, if its planted in fox farm happy frog?

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Sure why not?

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thanks for the reply, i was just worried if it will cause a nutrient burn?

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Start off half dose. And watch how she does. And take it from there

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will do, thanks

Np. Happy growing

Robert Bergman’s marijuana plant food provides all the nutrients necessary to achieve vigorous and healthy growth. Used in conjunction with the scheduled feeding chart, it covers the complete life-cycle of the plant, from seedling, through to boosting the buds size and weight, prior to harvest.

Perfect for both new and experienced growers, Bergman’s plant food is available as a complete fertilizer set, containing enough nutrients for the complete growth and flowering of either 5 or 25 marijuana plants. Alternatively, each individual pack may also be purchased independently.

How much Seedling Booster per seedling, and how do I apply this to my seedlings? Informations is a bit vague and I do not want to ruin my babies! Thanks!

Hello, did you ever figure it out? I am trying to figure out how to use the same nutes and there isn’t much info on it. Everything else has step by step instructions except for the nutes.

No I never did figure it out. There is a chart online that really makes no sense. I followed what I thought the vague numbers meant and burned my poor plants when I did try. No clear instructions anywhere and total waste of money all around :frowning: