Use of in line water chiller


i have a 35 GAL DWC set up. i just finished my first grow in this system, which I am currently upgrading. i built this myself and its pretty first yield was small but i learned alot.i have been growing outdoors for a while but relatively new to hydro. did a couple of grows in 5 gal tubs which were also great learning tools. now im hooked and getting serious about this. my water temp is consistently too high. i have the reservoir plumbed with a external inline pump which makes installing a water chiller fairly simple for me. operating it correctly is another thing. ive never even heard of such a thing until i got involved in forums.any help or suggestions like controlling it would be great. every chiller ive found on line gives no info on accessories that are used in conjunction with chiller. i know im cooking my roots because the root balls on my plants in my 7 gal tub were huge and these were not. same nutrients. general hydroponics flora duo lighting is also not up to par. im using T5 4’ florescent. im leaning towards 600w mh-hps. not sure if i should go 1000w. grow area is 3’x5’x6’(LxWxH).any help on this would be greatly appreciated also. Making mistakes so far hasnt been costly but it could be now. look forward to input.i suck on the computer so im not sure if what little ive posted is being done correctly. live and learn.


I invited a guy that is an engineering genius that might can help , give him a minute and he might chime in and help out .


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Thanks I was hoping the chiller would monitor and control water temperature.I wasn’t sure if you need a controller like you do with CO2.I would guess you keep pump operating 24/7.I also have 2 8"air stones with compressor.which I don’t know if that’s adding to heat… If it is ,I’m sure chiller will take care of that.I like your diy. chiller,but how would you contra it


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That’s innovative and very cool.No pun intended.I found a couple on Amazon . almost 300 us$.I do have my compressor and pump both outside grow area.I have a small attached to grow room which is sealed when I want it to be. I’m going to set up co2 in the near future. I’m a creative builder by trade so I layed this out with the plan on upgrading as I go. With input from growers like you,hopefully I can keep my mistakes minimal. Thanks for input,it’s always welcome


I have another quick ?is it possible to over aerate with airstones. Also my water discharge is above water level dumping back into res. I did this for both air and cooling. I do have a inline valve to control flow. Is it too much air?


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