Use nutes to fertilize outside garden


A question from a fellow grower:

Hi there. I am doing some research and likely going to start my own garden soon. I will doing mostly vegetable but I still find your site to be more informative in some stuff than others. I am curious about one thing before I get started though. When the nutrient solution is replaced every week or other week, can that be used to fertilize my outside dirt garden? I am guessing it would have to be diluted to do so?? its just a curious thing I was wondering about. Thanks for your time.


Are you talking about from say a hydro resivor. Or if I collect my water from my drain to waste? I don’t see why not


Assuming your referring to dumping the waste from a hydro system
Simple answer is yes it can but ph would still need to be adjusted before
And properly amended soil in garden would not need the extra nutrients
I personally would use it to water my outdoor plants and shrubs not my garden
Just my thoughts


This really has me thinking about what everyone does with there flushed hydro water. It’s pretty important @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 do you think people use it for other plants or just dump it down the drain? Tagged ya don cause I know you do hydro hope you don’t mind maybe you can throw me some more important info. :thinking:


I’m in soil but I use my run off on outdoor plants and shrubs trees but never on my meds


I have some seriously happy trees in my yard which consists of 1-2" top soil and sand lots of sand and requires fertilizing to grow grass. Also since I have changed my hydro units to aero/dwc hybrid I use a lot less nutrient solution to fill them and by most res changes they are at or near min fill level so draining is less than 4 gal