Use/misuse of de

Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I think I have created a problem and am looking for help. You see, I had an insect problem. I used neem oil and insect soap(Garden Safe brand) and then went to 100% food grade de. I applied the de on top of soil about 1" thick and days later mistakenly watered over top of the de essentially "caking" my soil to the point of very little runoff. I have "raked" the top inch of soil and pushed bamboo sticks through to bottom of pot and spun in circular motion to try to loosen compacted, caked soil. I am using 5 gal. pots with bottom drainage holes plus many extra holes in sides of pots that I drilled myself. I am using a mixture of ffof and ffhf with about 30% added perlite. Ro water, GO nutes, 24"x48"x70" tent, Mars pro ll 120 led(yea still), intake and exhaust(190cfm). I am about 2 weeks into flower with Wonder Woman strain. Temp and rh good. 
Thank you all!!!

And I thought “I” was stoned,


That helped!

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That’s a lot of de, when u used it while growing in soil, I just used a dusting

Yeah, I found that out too. I wish I had just used a dusting!

This grow I have some grodan 6 inch blocks with 1/8 layer over top. Once it got wet it formed a hard shell no bug could penetrate.

Hey all! Thought I would drop an update on the de mess I created. I have been adding a heavy 1/16 tsp. of Raw yucca the last two water/feed and runoff is just about normal again. Was able to get ph and ppm last night of runoff and was pleasantly surprised. Inlet ph of 6.44 and runoff at 6.61, ppm at 589 so numbers I can work with.