Use all fertilizers in one gallon of water?

I am new to this and have moved to grow tent. Using Bergman, but there are no instructions other than the chart. I’m confused. Based on the growing period, do I add ALL the recommended fertilizer (2/3 teas of one, 1/2 teas of another) on the chart to one gallon of water? Or do I make a separate solution for each product?

Haven’t used Bergman’s, but in general, when using a feeding chart you mix the listed items into your water, adjust the pH, and feed.

In your example, the 2/3 tsp of first product and 1/2 tsp of second product mixed into a gallon of water.

If this is what you are using then add exactly what it says for the week you are in! If you need to extend veg. time continue on with same as in week 4 of the veg. cycle!

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Thanks so much!

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