USA seed orders from ILGM


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Nice! Thats great to hear. Im in WI and just ordered for the first time. Hope all goes well


I can’t say that… I got my seed’s in TODAY… only 10 day’s !!! I’d say this is pretty freak’n AWESOME!!! and HAT’S OFF TO ILGM… yep I was somewhat skeptical at first but now I’m a KNOWER and GROWER…


If the company is aware that the US has issues from items sent from China, then why would the company do it? Especially considering the loss of money they go through each month to reship and resend knowing that China products are not reputable. Even if you claim they are from Amsterdam, they are labeled from China.


I hope you guys have figured out the seed companies that do not go through or from China have less issue. I would think a reputable company would take a look at where you are sending out from and adjust the problem not tell everyone that they do the best they can when in all reality it is where you are shipping from which the company is already aware of this. Fix that issue so your not spending your time replying to late or confiscated orders.


Firstly, way back when I typed this, they were still shipping from the Netherlands.

Secondly, look around, do you think that this company could be here in business for more than 4 years and 99% of the customers are happy and a significant number of those customers have shared their positive experiences and shared the actual results here in the forum with pictures, testimonials and journals if something we do was unreputable? We couldn’t fake this with this many people for this many years, tons of other people here in the forum can confirm this.

I am not sure what issue you are having, but it might not be with China or our company, I get all kinds of great stuff from China ordered on ebay.

The orders, when they get confiscated, this has nothing to do with where they are shipped from. They are even more likely to get confiscated when it arrives in the USA if sent from the Netherlands as they know that a lot of seeds are bred and sold from there.

Dennis is not really with us anymore and there probably isn’t anything he can do. Maybe @ILGM.Support.Robert or @ILGM.Support.Roy would be better to contact or talk to.



Hi there,

some processes are handled through Chinese partners but all shipments come from Europe.

Please discuss all order related matters with our sales dept. at

Have a great weekend



Bwahahaha. Sorry but I just couldn’t not chime in
While I am only a customer I live on the mid eastern seaboard and since I first found this site about 2 years ago I have received 5 deliveries. Well one was a freebie for a contest they have but only one was even close to being the maximum amount of time stated at the point of sale ( still under but close ) . I do feel for the people who have issues but my experience personally has been golden . Every order of mine has been at least in part through China . If you think about it a small package coming from Amsterdam of all places you might as well print fragile cannabis seeds on the package where as it has a better chance of getting overlooked in the billion packages a week from China . Only my opinion