USA seed orders from ILGM


Do you really think all of our users on this site are “bots” or scammers trying to make this site that has been around for many years and never been shut down look legit but is really all a scam or fraud?

I do not know what your private e-mails contain or if they are responded too, but just like the other users here and myself, they will not keep replying to multiple e-mails once they’ve given you the “guarantee” information and proper protocols, they have many other e-mails and customers to deal with.

If you’ve only ordered nutrients or something that wouldn’t be illegal to your country’s customs laws, then it would not be confiscated and the additional long wait to confirm what has or hasn’t happened wouldn’t be as necessary.

It just sounds like you want to complain to complain, and or vent, and as such this is my final response and bit of help, I will not reply to you any further.



I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. No worries, I’m out of here but I do want to thank you for the info…much more than I’ve gotten so far. One last thing…“keep replying” is incorrect, it should be “never replied”. What would you do?



Dear @beeg2424. I’m sorry to see your order hasn’t arrived yet. I also see our customer service agents replied to most of your emails. It’s just that they’ve been sleeping for the past twelve-ish hours as it is now morning over here. Their responses conform to our policies which exist from years of experience. That being said I will pick up your latest email and help you out whatever way I can.



Geez hang on dude,acting like an ass only gets a slower responce,be polite,drp the threats and people are more than happy to belp,keep in mind we are a few miles away from them


I ordered the gold leaf and the Jack, but paid the xtra $25 for registered and hasn’t arrived as of yet! I’m worried because never dealt with ILGM seems ironic that they are Amsterdam and China as well. Major red flag!


ILGM has never failed me. You’ll get your seeds, they guarantee delivery. When did you order?


Hey @maximusindica be sure to check with our customer support if questions arise concerning your order :smiley:

Cheers, Roy


Please , please exercise patients when ordering seeds people in the same manner in growing them , I’ve been here since 2014 and it’s not one time I’ve order seeds that I have never received , they will get you your seeds are money back guaranteed but please exercise patients besides you are not the only one placing orders , it’s a small group of workers and the time schedule there is completely opposite of here in the U.S.A when its morning here it’s night time there but they will respond if you contact support and get your products to you , now if they have been sent than you just have to wait on the process due to mailing process .


I got my seeds in 11 business days. Michigan usa. There payments go to china i think everything thats shipped comes from Europe. Due to the possibiltiy of customs slowing the orders down or even confiscating the order u just need to wait 25 business days from your shipping date and if u havent recieved ur seeds contact customer service and they will send your order again.


China owns much of the consumer market. Their hands are involved with most anything you will buy.


Thank you so much for the words of support and comfort. Before I discovered ILGM I placed a 200 dollar order from a bank in Amsterdam and it never came, even though all the shipping info was correct. They would NOT reship for the order was for novelty purposes. After discovering ILGM I can tell the team, staff really cares and wants its customers to be successful and happy and returning. Looking for my order to arrive so I order the platinum mix the same day. Once they arrive I know my search has ended for a reputable company with quality products that guarantees shipping. Trust and piece of mind is expensive, but when captured all that remains is a tight loyal and dedicated family. Thanks again for being so professional. Can you help me out with some pine taste like Hawaiian?


Hey @maximusindica there’s still so much we have planned for ILGM. More strains like the one you suggest is just one of them. Someday our work will be done (but probably not haha)



I sent cash and had no problem with delivery
@maximusindica took 15days from the time I mailed my $$$ out 5 for them to receive payment and 10 for me to receive seeds weekends don’t count we all like time with our family’s
Relax you’ll get you seeds bro


this is true A+ Claire and the staff are great Robert to great company no problems .


I find the ILGM staff not to be great. They sent me my order, and I followed their instructions and all of my blueberry seeds died. I tried a second time using seedling soil, planting 1/4 inch deep and…they came up with the seed still attached and …four of them died. The one seedling that survived I took out of the humidity dome, and it is almost dead now. I sent some pictures of my set up as requested, and they don’t get back to me. I am not impressed at all. Same shit as Attitude Seed Bank. Their seeds suck and these seeds suck. My first batch was bag seed before this, and it grew like the weed is supposed to grow. I am very upset because the 20 seeds cost $178.00, and now that I have a problem, I am being ignored. Nice business model. And before anyone questions my integrity, let me be clear, I wouldn’t lie about and am willing to punch someone in the mouth for even suggesting it. I noticed that if someone has a problem, the defenders of Bergman start in with questioning the person’s integrity. Incredible.


@Alfred Not defending anyone. But I do question your ability to grow. I have ordered from ILGM and gotten my seeds in perfect time and then every seed I tried I popped and it has grown. Just now going to flower. Had my problems with the grow as being a newby and was helped by all here. I submit that you made mistakes and ruined your own grow. It happens. But usually when seeds dont make it after being popped, its grower error. Only seed I have lost was from a batch of bag seed. The other bag seed grew fine. Soooooo…learn to grow.

By the by, starting of by insulting everyone that is on this forum isnt the best way to get help. That is IF you are really looking for help.



To address you problem with your seeds, please contact them again. The best way to contact them is by replying to your shipping confirmation order and ask for replacement seeds.

I have never had any problems germinating my seeds from ILGM and perhaps once you get the new seeds we could go through the process with you to be sure there aren’t any issues.

And to clarify the seedbank and this forum are two separate entities and we can’t help you get replacement seeds here. Everyone has to go through the same process.



So if I sell you a car and you wreck it , it’s my responsibly to replace it cause you didn’t know how to drive . Everything in life is math and obviously something don’t add up . Now if you never received the seeds I can understand , but to receive them , germinate them and they die , you have a PH problem obviously and can’t identify your wrong doing . Now you spent $178 , do have any idea on how much others spend here with no problems but you out of 8.3 million people have an issue with plants growing pass seedling stage and it’s the company fault , Wow I’m literally impress at those odds .


This is the ONLY place I use and in over 4 years I have had zero problems except for my own mistakes… the people here will give you excellent advice…:sunglasses::sunglasses::dash:


Lmao oh how I love a cyberbully.