USA seed orders from ILGM


Received order today, The 13th day. Awesome job ilgm team. My first time ordering and was a good experience. keep up the good work


This shout out is for Claire and her gang there at the processing center. I Received my 3 replacement seeds for the ones that got crushed in first order. You guys are the best! Mike


I am stoked! My babies arrived today.

A great BIG Thank You to Claire and Robert. I sent cash and they arrived almost 30 days on the nose after ordering. I will be ordering again soon.
The only thing that wasn’t real clear is ILGM’s method of germination so I don’t screw it up and somehow void the guarantee.
I have always used the paper-towel method with almost a 100% rate.
If either Mac or latewood could help to provide me with the correct germ. method.
(It would be much appreciated)

Thanks Again!!
I can’t wait for these girls to grow…LoL



Hey MAMA, my babies took right at 30 days, they arrived in good shape…Give Claire some time, you will get your order,


I got free seeds with my order, you just have to look for Robert’s Specials. I have looked at other seed banks and IGLM has the best prices and no extra charge for shipping.


Thanks for the tip I did not no that I gusse I will look into that


Hey, new customer here, I’m very anxious about what customs process is, and what they do. If I’m ordering seeds from this site what is worst case scenario for someone who’s order gets checked by customs? Is there any real possibility of being investigated or arrested? I’m a first time grower and wanted to order through this place but I’d like someone to explain the customs deal


It’s not much to explain , if in case they are intercepted , you will receive a notice in letter form or with crushed seeds , notify customer service here Claire and they will full fill your order no problem . In regards of different stealth methods of shipping it would be inappropriate to discuss that here on a free forum …Happy Growing !!!


Received my W.W. and Pineapple haze today can’t wait to pop these babies.:smiley:


All questions related to orders and shipping can be found here:

happy growing,



Hey gang, hope all are well. Just wanted to give a shout out to Claire and the packing folks. I don’t know if this is a record or what? You guy’s sent me and E-mail saying my products would be in the air soon. That was May 30th. I got my seeds today! Six day’s later on the eastern seaboard of the U. S. I am still waiting for second part of my order, 2sets of plant protector. No doubt will be here soon. Later, Mike


WOW, ordered my 3 Blueberry Auto beans on June 7th ,confirmed for shipment on the 8th and received them in NY on the 16th, 8 Days !! Thanks ILGM shipping, Packaging was awesome, I have two more orders of seeds coming (White Widow Autos) 10 in each for a total of 23 altogether, hard to wait for the next package as I plan to germinate at least 7-8 together for an out door grow. You Rock !!!


wow that’s fast …the TEAM is definitely into overdrive … ye haw …ya hoo… ILGM and AMS they really do rock …Hammer


Just got my second order 9 Days flat to New York and just 3 days after my first order, I split em up just in case, completely satisfied, one more order to go, (split that one up too) Do I hear 8 Days !!! Holy Cow , This summer just got very interesting!!! ILGM Rocks !!


I’ve been ripped-off…seeds I ordered over a month ago have not arrived and multiple emails have gone unanswered. There are sites online to report fraud and I intend to use them to expose this scam.


Good luck with that.


You haven’t been ripped-off by this site. This company can’t be held responsible for your locations customs’ laws, and if the product was confiscated it is out of their control. However they do have the guarantee. And if you reply to the original order confirmation you received in your e-mail, that would be the best and quickest way to get a re-shipment, if that is what is warranted. I also am sending a notice about your complaint to @ILGM_Support to hopefully expedite this for you.


Understood. But…can the company be responsible for not replying to multiple emails? What is the customer supposed to do?


First of all, I’ve given you numerous ways to contact them. And secondly as I’ve already said, the original e-mail transaction is the best way to contact them. Also if you have read the gurantee, this takes a longer amount of time than the original shipping time expected, as sometimes things do get lost in the mail and take longer to get there, and so in this case for a reshipment, a slightly longer than a month wait is not unreasonable.

Secondly, acting out and being petulant doesn’t make anything go any faster.

And you also have too keep in mind, technically you are committing the original crime here by ordering an illegal item across international borders, reporting to any customer protection agencies in this type of situation will not be of any help to you, and might actually get you in trouble.

Be patient, and continue to work through the original e-mail you used, freaking out here in the public forum doesn’t do anybody any good. And in fact it just makes long time users and loyal fans of this site not really want to help you.

As I’ve said, I’ve sent a note up the chain of command, so to speak, so hang in there and I’m sure someone will get to you in a reasonable amount of time.



I replied to the original email many times. I appreciate the info you provided, that’s why I’m “acting out and being petulant” in a public forum after all…the company has not replied once. How do you know the item I ordered was or was not illegal?