USA seed orders from ILGM


I just re read my post sound a little dumb lol my bad. But yea I lived in Santa Monica for a while loved it now I’m in OC lovin life waiting for my seeds. Anyways will keep u all posted when they get here


Guess what everybody my seeds came today!!! I’m super stoked. Got them in 12days and I’m in southern Cali. So glad I went with ILGM. Thanks Robert Claire and


Mine came in 2 weeks all the way to n y can’t wait to start


I’m back and I have to say I’ve never been some pleased this is my first grow. I can’t be any happier I also said I would have pics. This is how big my babies are now within a month wow.


I thought I was going to be able to send pic but don’t know how lol maybe someone can tell me the steps lol


When you hit reply , the seventh icon on the right in the reply box is what you click , it looks like an arrow pointing upwards , click that and add photo , than click upload , once finished buffering hit reply ?



My first grow look like there doing well. Now I just need to join the lab so I can have some big buds & have a great yield hope to see the members soon for advice and how to clone thanks!!! ILGM Team for everything


O… Yea I will be making another order soon.


I’m waiting on my seeds and when I receive them I will order again. I’m a first time customer.


Should I be worried my order hasn’t come in yet and the order was shipped April 1st


I have had several order problems. Claire and staff have fixed them all. Everyone is right. They get lost,stolen,stomped on and taken out of mail boxes… What is really important is to be patient and treat people with respect. I learned the hard way too. I have a temper I am working on. These people are Great :slight_smile: Give them a chance


I luv weed


Hmm…I guess it’s better to order from the other sites if it’s free seeds you’re looking for. I usually find that, unless there is some kind of sale going on, people usually don’t just give away quality products.

Of course, from what I understand by hearing the testimonies here, replacement seeds are common if there is any problems. Sounds like free seeds!

Not trying to sound like a smartass.


I just bought 10 WW Auto fem seeds from ILGM and paid $45 with free shipping and re-ship guarantee.

If purchased at one of the big vendors with freebies I would pay $95 for 10 of their WW Auto fem and recieve a whopping 2 free seeds!

So if you want a couple of “free” seeds and pay $50 extra to get them, go for it :wink:


I just ordered WW fem seeds, bought 5 got 5 free plus a re-ship guarantee and customer service that is beyond compare. Then add in an abundance of straight forward information plus a group of experienced people who truly want to help not just dazzle you with their knowledge.
Just my 2 cents but I won’t go anywhere else.


get on the mail list and watch for specials and deals , i think Robert just had a 420 special ??:wink:


Hey gang, I just received my order in 2 weeks and got everything I ordered! Thank you Claire and the gang! Mike C.


Hey @mcicchino can I ask what region your in nothing specific just like east or west coast?

I only ask cause I’m in us on the east coast and the reviews I read most said around 10 day avg and my first order is 10 days today. However I’m not to worry everything I’ve heard about this company is awesome customer support.


First I would like to thank you for asking as I was able to get back in this forum! I was shut out since last night? Now, I have ordered from this place for quite awhile and delivery can be from 10- 30 days. I am n East coast mike