USA seed orders from ILGM


I ordered my see February 22. I got them March 2 very fast delivery that was great. Starting them as soon as I got them 24 hours later they have sprouted about to plant them now will have pictures later.
Thanks!!! ILGM


So sadly my initial order of white widow didn’t make it, but ilgm’s guarantee is as good as gold!

Great company, and I’m sure the seeds are going to be high quality as well


Got my replacement seeds today arrived as scheduled seems like AMS is a big improvement with shipping… as the grow season gets closer will see if it remains the same for now I think the earlier you order less chances of issues with customs


I would like to say. With all the changes things have been very confusing. I have worked out the seeds with amsterdam. Ordered got seized and had to reorder. It’s on its way. Dealzer had some technical difficulties. All good now. To make a long story short. Every part of my 3 orders had problems. Lab purchase,seeds,dealzer. Please be patient with them they are great people.

Happy Growing Peeps



3rd time ordering from ilgm got all my shipments. 1st came in about 21 business days. 2nd came crushed ( thank you U.S.customs); emailed Claire she sent new shipment right away again got that in 21 business days. 3rd order was on February 19 got seeds March 3. Fast, friendly and caring about you and your crop; great company keep up the good work.
Happy Growing!!


I got my seeds, cash mailed about three weeks ago…


hey Paraanorman did your order arrive yet .???/ H


Unfortunately not. It was resent about a week and a half ago, I’m staying hopeful!


I ordered 40 seeds and there was some confusion as to why the 10% discount for cash was excluded. I have sent several e-mails and a post here in this forum…after 2 days still no response.
Great prices and selection, too bad customer service doesn’t respond to questions about payment methods.
Cancelled my order and won’t use IGLM again (I guess this will get me booted from the forum for not having a glowing recommendation like all the rest of the sheep)

Much Disappointed Ex-customer,



Hi Dragon,

Sorry to read about your bad experience.

For cash orders a 10% discount is given. You can read in your order confirmation email, next to the -how to send cash instructions- that you can take out 10% of the order amount. I assume you wanted to send the full amount, even though only 90% was needed, as promised by us?

No confusion at all is needed. I am sorry you are so angry about this.

The support team answers every single email they get. You will get an automated confirmation right away, and then in one business day a reply form me or one of the others. Did you check you spam folder?

As stated on the forum: this place is for support on growing marijuana, not for private order questions.

Regarding your last remark: if you look around you will see enough mixed experiences. And yes, most are positive.

And please do not call your fellow growers “sheep”. That is not nice of you.

Claire, ILG Support


Agree, why insult fellow growers who have no control or ability to help
with your order. You really need to address your concerns to the correct
dept. and NOT insult a group of people who have no control over your


Claire … you rock!


Act like a big boy dragon shit happens in life an ilgm will fix it


You go Claire, your awesome


Some time’s . it takes awhile …and yes once in a while orders get screwed up ,lost stolen by cheap bastards at customs … BUT THESE FOLKS WALK A COUNTRY MILE FOR US. and this forum your Enjoying the benefits from …PS don’t call people sheep it’s not nice … and some may just wear a fuzzy coat to cover a Wolf … BE NICE . or you can peddle your obscenities else where … this forum and its real members are professional AND courteous to one anther … if you have a gripe do it like an adult … ps you ever answer a 1000 emails daily …IF Your gonna Grow MJ you are going to have to learn patients and maturity…HAMMER !!


Nicely spoken I agree with every one here


Yay! Second time was a charm! (Under 12 days)

I luv Ilovegrowingmarijuana! So screw you William Randolph Hearst! …and I’ve been to your Castle, screw that too!


yaaaa …good to see that they arrived …knew they would given time… Now Its time to bean stalk lol lol


Nice paranorman good to see they arrived. I’m waiting on my order. It shipped last Wednesday so hoping it’ll be here soon. I live in So-Cal so hopefully they’ll be here soon


@Boney I love L.A.! I used to live in Glendale
-happy growing!