USA seed orders from ILGM


Thank you Anna at support… my replacements arrived 1/29 . after my original order arrived in damaged packing missing beans 12/29 . had a few small communication problems . but still got my order .would DEFINATLY order again . These people will work with you . thanx support @ILGM


I just ordered 1 the platinum pack yesterday hopefully I receive them without any problems. I’m on a lot of growing sites and would love to recommend ILGM to people. I’m keeping my fingers crossed


I have ordered here an you have no worries


This is my first time buying seeds online. I just don’t want to have any problems… Have you purchased from them in the past? I’m in California and I’m sure their pretty nosey lol


Have you got your hands on that gold leaf? That strain name seems interesting


I am putting in my order this week an yes I have ordered here before an I’m in Oklahoma


Gold leaf is Robert made an his top one I do believe


His strawberry is good I got it at the end of last year as a test run with the company


The Gold Leaf is Robert’s personal brand and it is AWESOME ! Haven’t had a chance to grow any yet, but got to smoke some! Order it here from ILGM, you will not be sorry.


I mailed cash on Feb 23, and got an email today that my stuff is on the way.


how was the looks and tast of the strawberry???


Looks good won’t know about taste for a few more months


my bad thought you had run it already lol


Just harvested 2 Goldleaf from my Hydro tent, 2 more from my coco grow come down next week. Goldleaf grows tall and sturdy, big fat trunk and stems. It has a strong odor that starts around week 5 veg and just intensifies from there. The colas are covered in trichomes and super super sticky. One plant had long thinner colas, like the thickness of a soda can but 17" long. The other had fat colas, twice the thickness but only 13" long.
The pistils turned red and orange starting around week 4 of flower.


NICE ! ! I have the seeds but have not gotten the chance to grow them. Sure would like to. Sounds like some killer buds !


that’s what I want to hear…my Gold Leaf seeds are on the way…I can’t wait to kill my first attempt at DWC so I can try them!!


Mine didn’t make it, it’s been almost one month :disappointed:


Done with the grow almost then cure an I will know how she is


Make sure you contact support through the e-mail in your confirmation order or:



Done. Waiting to hear back