USA seed orders from ILGM


As soon as I get my card fixed I’m couldn’t think of anyone else to order from the guys here at ilgm.seem like all good people.


I just placed a small order for 3 auto flower seeds with ILGM for the first time to test ILGM out .I live in the USA, how do I contact them if there is a problem with my order ? is there a phone number ? Is the only way to contact them is by replying to the email they sent me when they asked to confirm my order ? I read reviews saying ILGM has good customer service


Yes! The only way to contact them is replying to your order confirmation e-mail or writing to



Just wanted to report my first purchase was received in 7 days from shipment.
I am in USA California, Shipped on Oct 12 in my mail box on Oct 19. Great


I received my last seeds seven days from when they were shipped. Pretty much confirms what I have been saying, ILGM is 100% Legitimate!


I just received my shipment it only took 17 days ilgm is not only light but prompt to thanks ilgm


Hey Joshanwa…so what are you going to start with



I started with some strawberry cush for the wife I have it in a bubbler bucket an it look great already


Strawberry was just a cheap trial run I really want to go with some gold leaf I just read all the unhappy posts an had to test drive the shipment process



My order came quicker then I thought and no problems with the shipment.
Just be ready when you plant the seeds. I started 4 seeds 2 different ways
and all 4 were up before I was ready to move them. I spent a long time
deciding who to trust and then made the order as instructed.
I was worried at first using my own credit card and address, but no problems at all.
My bank called about the order and I thanked them for checking and told them I bought a present
for my wife.
So far I am 100% satisfied.
The best part is I know exactly what I have planted and will not waste another
6 months to be disappointed in the results.


you came to the right place…as the name states…WeLoveGrowingMarijuana here.

get a drink and start reading, this is an investment of both time and money, and unless you are extremely rich or very young, you won’t want to waste either.

ask questions…there are too many good people here that want you to succeed.

Good Luck


My second order just arrived :slight_smile: Unfortunately the first order I paid cash and it still shows pending. The good news is I have tent set up and have been dry running for several days. Put 5 WW in a cup of water for the next 24 hrs then into the soil they will go. They will be my first attempt. Have been ready to go and what a way to start the new year off!. I will start a grow journal and post as it grows!


My bad. As I look back on my first order that I placed on Nov 25 I realize what my mistake was. I sent cash as instructed but did NOT send it registered mail. That was my fail and I am pretty sure that someone lifted the 100 dollars I had enclosed. I guess my hope is they used the money for good cause at Christmas time…Next time I order I will be sure to mail payment registered. I am not sure that it was included in the instructions to do so. I rechecked the payment instructions and it says nothing about registered mailing. Oh well, luckily I placed and received a second order. Happy New Year


Hi All,

Free shipping is back! As of today the free shipping with unregistered mail option is active again.

Go here to buy marijuana seeds with free worldwide shipping

We are always using and testing different shipment methods, routes
and procedures. Any shipping cost are only used to cover registered
shipping charges.

Happy growing al!
Robert Bergman


Hi Taleone,

Did you contact support about this? We can fix this for you, no worries.

Email from the same email address you used to place your order with.

happy growing,
Robert Bergman


I deal with ILGM often and I just send them cash. If you choose this payment option they will email you with exact instructions on how to send the cash. They will notify you when they receive your cash and I have had no problems on multiple orders. Keep it green.


This was my first order from ILGM,to say I was impressed with this company is an understatement.The service was top notch As was the customer service.An excellent experience all the way.Would not hesitate to use them again.


Seeds arrived today all perfect condition ordered 01/14 in mail today 01/29 thks guys Got them in paper towel now will keep posted on grow…again thks


Even when there was a customs problem, ILGM never failed to help me. A satisfied customer with them and will remain so! Jerry