USA seed orders from ILGM


I’m not taking anyone side here but if you keep getting them to reship to the same address then it is entirely your fault,once customs finds illegal goods in a package they tag that address and check every package from then on that’s going to that address,plus it’s not ilgm fault that you decided to order something that is illegal where you live.I didn’t get my order and asked for a refund and got it in 3 days,scams dont give can’t be mad at a company cause YOU ordered something ILLEGAL!!!


Let me just say i live in mn ordered twice now once with 30 seeds and once with 90 seeds recived both orders in about 9 days after payment this a great site and when they have a problem they make it right thank you rob and ilgm team awasome js


I asked for a refund. Got another email saying they’ve shipped “yet another” order.
I only wanted my money back. When your mail is intercepted, you are supposed to get a letter from customs. Haven’t seen one of those…


Not always, but you usually do. I have a couple of friends that work in various postal services and they tell me stories of destroyed shipping labels, items that have come out of their packages and other various catastrophes that all get put into a pile and destroyed.


I recieved 6 ak47 seeds 3 lived 3 died ! FeminZed seeds too they all germinated great ! The 3 just died ! The other 3 are good so far.


The first delivery took 12 days and the seeds were crushed, They were reshipped on the 19th of May…It is now the 17th of June and nothing…


Hang in there buddy. It might take a little while, but they’ll make it right. I didn’t receive my first order and waited 30 business days. Emailed the customer service and they re shipped right away and I got it in 8 days I believe. All intact. GL!


I placed an order back in Feb, it never showed up, I was told to wait 30 days and if I hadn’t received them within 30 days to contact Robert, I did and he assured me that he would send out another shipment, I received it within 10 days of him sending them out, I never received the first order, I would order again but I don’t feel like waiting for 30 days before he sends another, I don’t know what the problem is but until they fix it I won’t be buying from him again, I have bought from other companies and I’ve never had a problem with customs, I always get my shipment within 10 days so I don’t know why this company has so many problems, sorry Robert I would love to continue doing business but not like this


Yay got my order today. Ilgm will get your seeds to you, yes it might take 2 or 3
Months or only a few days but they will come thru like they say. My first order never showed, second order seeds were smashed they reshipped third order They even putting extra seeds for me because of all the problems I had.
Where else will you get customer Service like that.?


Hi Guys, Dennis here.

In all honesty we have been having trouble with the USA since the start of the year. We have had contact with other seedbanks and I can tell you that we are not the only ones.

We have updated our shipping methods and are now back to a 99% delivery rate. I can give you all the guarantee that any new orders will be delivered in a timely matter.

If you are one of the customers that is not satisfied, have been waiting for months now and has given up, we’ve got you covered.

Just e-mail your complaint to and we will solve the problem by providing a store credit for later use or a reship. please not that anyone that has made a credit card charge back or has already received a refund won’t be eligible for the store credit.

Also note that if we do not answer within 24 hours, please be patient. We are a small but dedicated team. If everyone sends 3 or 4 e-mails the waiting period will increase (more e-mails = more work = longer waiting period). So please limit yourself to 1 e-mail concerning this matter. Add your order number in the e-mail. If you ordered with a alternative e-mail address please let us know the alternative e-mail address.


Howdy Ya’ll! Just wanted to add my two cents to this posting.

I had a LOT of problems with customs for this entire year. I even had a package from Belgium that was destroyed by opening and there was nothing in the package but pictures from a friend! No note from customs, just a destroyed package and photos. Folks, let me tell you, Robert, Claire and the gang at ILGM are LEGITIMATE!

It took me three reships to get my seeds and they never hesitated to get it out to me again. Remember that what customs does in NOT under ILGM’s control. They stay with you and get your seeds to you. BE patient, very few things ever work out exactly as we want them.

Be an adult about it and work things out with them. They have some of the best seed in the business and I have NEVER heard anyone say that they got poor quality smoke from Robert. My only problem is treating them nice enough to get a great harvest yield. STONING WEED with the yield I had but need to work on the essentials to get the better yield. Every new grow is another lesson!

Take care! Have good grows and Great Buds !



try some patientce, Robert and the crew ALWAY’S come through!


That’s not true, I live in the US and I’ve ordered from them twice, the first time I didn’t get them, they then sent me another which I received in 10 days, a few of the seeds didn’t germinate and they sent me another order for free and I received those 10 days later, they are a legit company and I will keep ordering from them, they do take your concerns to heart and try to do the right thing, it’s not their fault that Customs will not let some orders go through


I agree, I’ve bought some from other companies with very little results with germination, I’ve never had that problem with this company, they get back to you asap with any concerns you have, and my plants are beautiful


I got mine on time from them and they all look good. In fact i was quite pleased with the time frame and shipping method. Won’t hesitate to give them my return business or to recommend them to someone should the need ever arise in the future. Oh it’s my first ever grow attempt and i had 80% germination success.


I think customs is not looking as much since the planting time has past for outdoor growers. Next time I order it will be in the off seasons.


Just wanted to encourage everyone not to give up on getting their seeds. Last week, I received my original order of seeds that got lost in February. Amazing! Claire was very helpful and after I waited a month to see if they would show up, she sent me another batch of seeds, which I received 10 days later. It’s so weird that the original order came 6 months later and in good condition, with no notices from customs or anything like that.

I’m set for seed for next year now! This is an awesome company and I’m glad I waited and re-ordered when they didn’t show up the first time.


PS … It was really hard for me not to get frustrated when the first order didn’t come in February. I am so freakin’ impatient!!! Also, I wanted to let you guys know that all 10 of my seeds germinated and the plants are huge and healthy!


Agree totally! They make sure you are happy and do not give up until the order is complete.


There is another company in Amsterdam that I use 100% germination rate. But you don’t get free seeds. I will deal with both of these company’s.

B Safe


Great company they want you to have a great grow. They have always done what they say. Things are out of there control sometimes but they make it right.