USA seed orders from ILGM


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Well I was just trying to help a little,I know there not a scam,never received my shipment so I asked for a refund and got it in 3 days,scams don’t give refunds.also if you think customs is gonna be honest with you and tell you their methods then your is 100% legal for law enforcement to lie to you and will with a drop of a hat.customs don’t need to know what company it comes from all they need to know is the methods of which it is shipped to intercept,customs can by u.s. law open and inspect any package coming into country and all it takes know how it’s shipped.yea seeds may not be high on their priority list but that don’t mean they will overlook it


No product $ transfer 2/15 update 4/15. Ilgm promised to guarantee second shipment do I have to wait till 6/15 ?


Buzzard … Last year was my first time ordering seeds and I had them from ILGM in about 10 days. This year when I ordered I knew there was a problem when they hadn’t arrived by the third week. I contacted Claire at ILGM and she suggested I wait 30 working days, then we would take the next step. So at the 30 working day point, I contacted her again and she said they would send a new batch of seeds out ASAP. I had the second shipment within 10 days. I was very impatient about waiting as I didn’t want to miss my window to get my seeds planted outdoors. I think Claire did a great job and I appreciate how fast she got the second batch sent out. I don’t know if the first batch was confiscated by customs or not … I never received anything in the mail from customs.
Please don’t give up on ILGM … they’ll do their best to make sure you get the seeds.


Oh … something I wanted to add. The stealth shipping was different both times I received the seeds. The only trouble I had was I had ordered two different strains and I couldn’t figure out which was which in the packages. That was my own fault … with a little more investigating I was able to find out how and where on the packaging the seeds were identified.


I am neutral on the topic of legitimacy as well. I hope that my stuff makes it, but it’s been 23 business days thus far, and each day seems like forever. I would really like my WW but I don’t think I have the patience to check the mail for another 6 weeks if it doesn’t come. I did order from a Canadian company and got my package in 5 days. I was surprised because some of my Amazon orders don’t even arrive that quick. Oh well, here’s to hoping for the best! GL with your order.


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removed due to conflict of interest


Lol what did you do that pissed off someone so bad that they sent you a virus?


No complaints here. My order came in 2 shipments , 1st one came in about 10 days and the 2nd about 4 days later. Shipped to eastern U.S.


They will fill you order , but you must contact them , and wait until you get a response . I recieved a 2 part of a 3 part order , but when I emailed Claire , it’s was only 3 days after when she responded it had been shipped . But everybody experience is different , but ordering and shipping is more less like growing , it takes patience ?


My order has been shipped 2 times, nothing has arrived as of today. It’s been almost 4 weeks on the 2nd shipment. Sent email to see if they are going to ship again. Have not received any notice that they were intercepted by customs.


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removed due to conflict of interest


Hold on , but don’t let go …in time you will prevail & ILGM will deliver .


I guess I have had pretty good luck. I’ve ordered 5 separate times with ILGM; blueberry auto, purple haze, white widow, gold leaf and strawberry kush. Each order arrived around ten days to me (usa). This last order, the strawberry kush, appeared like it had been ran over by a vehicle and all the seeds were crushed. Not a fault of ILGM’s. Claire was more than gracious and send out a replacement. That was only a few days ago so I’m not expecting it yet. I also just placed an order for the OG Kush the other day too.


Ordered seeds 2/25. They “shipped” 2/27/15. Today is April 30 and still no seeds. I contacted ILGM 3/27 and was assured the seeds were shipped and to expect them any day and if I didn’t receive them by 4/10 to contact customer service/Claire back. I contacted Claire and they were “reshipped” 4/17. Today is the 30th of April - STILL NO SEEDS - I contacted Claire again and asked for a refund and was told that “sorry to hear your order did not arrive yet. I understand it’s a long wait but as you know, your order was reshipped 9 business days ago! If your order doesn’t arrive within 20 business days, refunding your money is not a problem”. I live in Michigan USA and I am very frustrated with ILGM.


Buzzard … “you got yours.” I wasn’t trying to make that point, my point was that I stuck it out and worked with ILGM. I was also wishing you all the best in the future.


I’m not sure who changed the title, it certainly wasn’t me. As far as honesty is concerned, I have never lied and have no reason too. Some might think I’m one of their “goons” or “cronies”, and I do work with ILGM and sometimes I am privy to some inside information, but I would never have stuck around and continued to work with them if I at all thought they were cheating anybody out of anything.

In truth I can only honestly describe my experiences with them, and yes, on occasion, some things seemed to move at a horridly slow pace, and I did need to send quite a few different e-mails to the same e-mail contacts over and over again before I got a response, or at least so it seemed at the time. I can’t remember if some of the delays were because I had to wait over a weekend or not, but I did soon see the pattern that they don’t work at all over the weekend.

But no matter the reason or the cause, at worst I was only inconvenienced for a period of time, and other than that, they’ve always made things right, and I’ve always felt I’ve been treated more than fair. I can only speak from my nearly 2 years experience with getting seeds from this company, and from talking with the overwhelming numbers of people in the USA that are getting their orders on time and successfully. I can only honestly comment on what I’ve seen personally.

And yeah, most of this is out in the open for everybody to clearly see. There is a ton of evidence that is obviously not faked of many many happy customers that I have helped them get through their first grows, I think those facts speak loudly for themselves and greatly outnumber the few difficulties.

Sorry Babbling, hopefully you do get your seeds eventually. But I have none of the order details, and don’t give them to me, because none of that is under my control, keep working with them through the direct e-mail contacts, that is all I can tell ya.


USA Orders. Hi, You can call me Luckywun. I ordered seeds from ILGM and I never got them for 2 months. SO , I emailed Robert and told him. He sent me new seeds and I got them in 9 days. That is Superior!! Service. I am well pleased! I will order again from here.