USA built LEDs vs Chinese made

So I’ve always grow outdoors with some success but I am now wanting to switch thing up and do an indoor run. I’m looking for quality over quantity. I’ve already got a 4 x 4 tent that I’ve used to start my babies. First with CFLs then 2 600w Chinese LED in the veg for a couple months.

I never trusted them enough to try them under flowering as I didn’t like the light intensity

What type of U.S.A made lights should I be looking into? Brands, watts, spectrum, etc…

Attached is a photo of a busy in the outdoor harvest last year. Lol he doesn’t even smoke but got high walking through :joy: jk


In my two 4x4’s:
I use HLG 300L Bspec for veg tent
HLG 600 Rspec for flower tent

Also in flower HLG 30 UVA supplement and their flowering initiator Far Red Bulb.

So far I have had amazing results compared to the 1200w(?) Greengo Amazon burples. Harvesting in about a month and am very excited.


Hlg really is the only good usa made leds though spider farmer is decently reliable for China made

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Horticulture lighting group, chilled tech, and fluence bioengineering are all U.S. companies and at forefront of Led technology. Pacific lighting concepts another, but I’m not sure what they are offering right now.


I ran across a company “Phantombio” the other day that seem to have some really nice equipment at a decent price. Then if you are looking for a good warranty and saving a dollar “Sonofarm” has what seems to be good stuff with a price that’s better than most others, Then the green sunshine Co has been building some top quality lights and they seem to be not playing follow the leader, their stuff is their own design and have never heard a bad word about any of these companies. Personally I would stay away from the older companies that have been raping us for years because all these new companies are now building lights with the same Korean parts driven by the same Chinese parts and selling them at half the price. You just have to do a little homework on the companies because there’s definitely some fake information and parts out there

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Nobody like Apache Tech At600’s 4 band lights , I don’t think HLG can out perform against Apache Tech still until this day , it’s not many brands to come close to Apache Tech in my opinion !

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