US national debate/bill for legalizing medical marijuana, and for veterans!

I figure this is great news, who knows if the banner zealots will derail common sense, but I heard this the other day, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul® and several other senators with him, both democrats, are wanting to make legalized medical marijuana for everyone nationally in the USA by submitting a bill to be voted on which will need lots of support, with special emphasis also for veterans of military service, like myself, I caught a little news bits of a veteran talking. I was vocal in the 1990’s for medical marijuana in Oregon and voting for medical pot for approval in 1998 here, even though I didn’t par take or have a medical issue back then, seems like I used email on my first internet computer running win95 and made phone calls to politicians offices, I was upset how my neighbor who was dying of cancer was arrested and taken to jail for using pot, which helped him live three years past the six months they originally gave him, who then started deteriorating and let out of jail to die a couple days later all wasted away after only a month in county jail, errr, so he wouldn’t die in jail. Anyway, now years later I have need and a license on the way any day, and it would be great if when I go back to VA care that they’d issue me some medicinal weed, ha, ah ,that would be cool.
Anyway, I suppose if I voice my opinion in an email to folks for this I’ll have to be quiet I have a Oregon mmc, ya know, I’m tired of worrying that its legal in my state but not federally, so stupid, hopefully things will change, and maybe more folks need to know the debate is bout to happen. And since I’m a veteran, and so many veterans with injuries or other use med pot, I want it legal nation wide, so we can get the weed we deserve, errr, for our service related problems, mine being old injuries and life long chronic headaches(migraines). I wouldn’t mind receiving a bottle of medicial weed like I did pain meds in the mail, from the VA! And since the VA has already a reputation for overmedicating veterans(ask me how I know), why, they could go ahead and overmedicate me with weed in the future, I might need it anyway if I get worse and become a short timer.


Thanks for sharing. This would be a great move forward. :smiley:

Here is a link to his speech…
The strategy is to make marijuana schedule 2 instead of schedule 1, a very common sense thing that needs to be done, and then more research can be done. My sister in law has Parkinson’s’ disease, the neurological disorder that causes shaking/tremors, and I feel there can be treatments with medical marijuana, or there could in theory be more for sure if marijuana was change to schedule 2 and legalized for medical uses. Like for me, my chronic migraine headaches will never be cured with pills, and a certifying doctor for med pot said my problems aren’t vascular, they are neurological, which means they can’t be controlled with pills, just treated once I get debilitated with them for the pain and nausea. I’ve got to write my congressman and senator to voice my opinion in favor, not mentioning my mmc or such(which really irks me that I have to be quiet about it all my own problems).

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Veterans denied Medical Marijuana by three votes. How can Americans forget who bought them their freedom with their blood, sweat and lives.


Wow, just three votes! I need to look into this, I mean, strangely, it seems democrats act like they are for things like this but regularly vote against it cause they worry that they might not be able to tax and regulate it enough, unsure of the makeup.

Thanks for posting, I haven’t heard anything lately bout where the proposal was going. I mean, a lousy three votes, and especially all the veterans who need it, I mean, they sure talk about all the depressed and suicidal veterans when it suits them, medical marijuana could and would stop a lot of veterans from going over the edge.

Bud … Three votes … god that hurts. I live in a state that doesn’t even have medical MJ. There’s a 5-year jail term for cultivating in Virginia. It’s not right … I have chronic pain issues in my shoulder and migraines and the smoke really helps … don’t need to take as many pain meds. Geez … getting pain meds is even a hassle these days with the new government regulations. It would be a step in the right direction if the feds made MJ possession a Schedule 2 drug. Still not good enough though!

I am sorry for your debilitating pain. I am afraid to campaign for medical MJ here in Virginia, as I don’t want to draw attention to myself since I’m growing out back. Last year I grew 3 plants and it lasted me six months … so this year I planted 7. In Virginia that’s enough to be considered trafficking. Sometimes living in the south really sucks. I’m from San Diego and really miss it.


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TMCannabis … it’s a crying shame to lose by 3 votes. Can you find out who the 3 were and maybe we could write them a few letters!

First I want to say for many years I did not think pot should be legal. Then I hurt my back, now seven years later four operations later I feel very different about it, I was at the point that pain meds were really not helping, I can’t work or even drive a car, can’t hunt or fish anymore. But in January this year I got my CA med card, now I’m almost off the pain meds, been driving some here in the desert till I get use to it again,after three years sure feel good to get out again and feel almost normal. I really hate to see the vets and others not to be able to use MMJ. Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

Tom … I’m so sorry to hear of your chronic back pain and surgeries. It’s great that you could get a MMJ card and that it helps reduce some of your pain. Living on pain pills sucks (I take pain meds for chronic shoulder problem). Very cool that you are able to drive again, even if just practicing in the desert. Where I live MMJ is still quite illegal and the penalties for cultivating are pretty stiff. Yet, I believe it’s worth the risk and am on my second year growing outside in pots.

Wishing you all the best … rant away whenever you want! :grinning:

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Tom, we deserve MMJ ! I am a 20 year vet of the Navy/USMC and have MANY injuries that make it hard to take pain meds on top of the other meds I am taking. On top of a non-operable lung condition, I take a total of 26 pills a day! THAT should be illegal ! The doctors keep giving me more meds to cover my pain and breathing problems, but they do not look at all my meds for interactions ! I almost died from one interaction.

I applied for VA benefits but they denied me even though I had all the proof required that it is a military injury. At the time, I was working and could not get the time off to go to all the appointments and such that you have to in order to get your disability. I have to go to a private MD for all my care. I am certified unable to work but the government is also fighting giving me SSI Disability!

My doctor told me that the drugs will mess up my system but that there is no alternative. He gave me six months to live eight months ago and I am doing better now that I am using MMJ in place of medications. I dropped some of meds and started taking Blueberry and White Widow and now am going to start taking away most of my meds, if possible. I am hoping to get down to maybe 4-5 meds a day. My current pharmacy bill is over $400 a month, and more expensive when I get antibiotics for my recurring infections.

I grow MMJ despite it being illegal. It is cheaper than the drugs when you grow it. I just started to grow this year and with the initial cost out of the way, I should be able to grow almost for free as long as I can.

I am actively lobbying for legalizing MMJ in Texas but it is going to be a hard fight. Seems the good olde boys in Texas do not want to change fast. Budbd, TMCannabis and MT1 I am with you on the fight. It may come too late for me but maybe we can help the other people.

Good grows and Great buds to you all.


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Yes I know that everyone should have the option to try it and not have to worry about breaking the law. I am very lucky I just got approved for my SSI Disability. Try getting a disability lawyer they will get a lump sum of your first settlement.
But they have a much better chance for you I
To get approved. Prayers sent out your way hoping you get what is owed you.

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Texas … I think Bear has a good suggestion about the SSDI attorney. I have many friends with Stage III and Stage IV breast cancer. Stage IV is automatically given SSDI, but those with a lower stage have a hell of a time getting disability when they’re incapacitated. A lawyer can get the process moving faster.

It really angers me that you have been a Marine for 20 years and cannot get the benefits you deserve. Do you mind me asking what your lung condition is? I’m glad the MMJ is working for you and you don’t need to take as many pills. MMJ is really illegal here. I’m growing 7 plants and that’s enough to land me 5 years in jail where I live. They can kiss my ass.

Let us know how you’re doing.

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Got a lawyer but the system is still so slow and corrupt. I see some people that get disability approved right away and they are out playing golf or able to do yard work. I can do none of the above but also believe I am not going to get my benefits in time to help me. Maybe my wife will get the money to pay for all the bills we are going through now.

I have a non-operable malformation of the trachea (wind pipe) that is slowly closing down. There is little the doctors can do except give me more drugs! YUCK, do not want any more. Going to keep vaping and live the best I can.

Take Care


Yes the way the system works really sux. It took 2 1/2 years for my wife,with the lawyer , they took 6ooo.oo from her when it was all done. I got approved in 4 1/2months with out a lawyer.
Good luck I hope things go good for you, prayers sent your way.

Texas has stalled again on making any decisions on MMJ ! Frustrating to put it mildly ! ! Don’t care about having to buy it, I will grow my own. A LOT cheaper than buying. Right now, I am well stocked for the year. I will startup again in the winter, God allowing. Going to keep working on legalizing MMJ here and then for full legalization. Would like to see that before I pass on, at least leave something good for the next generation.

Take care and Great Buds to you all !

Yeah, speaking of veterans issues, presently(last year, and a bogus appeal that won’t go nowhere) I lost my fight on any meaningful compensation for the increased problems caused by many injuries and environmental poisoings(first gulf war), I suppose I’d have “help” supposedly if I go and play ptsd game with the kiddies running the va which is run by the guv, …scumbag commie socialists, same as they were about a quarter century ago when I decided I didn’t need bs’ing to address my then fairly recent multiple injuries and hurried exit out of service after they extended my service for a war and refused real medical care so they could have another soldier to look good for deployment in the big bogus push to protect oil(with eventual bogus ending that didn’t solve much). BUT, I grew up learning that the former soviet union loved to play crazy with folks to control them, and frankly, IF I had power or worked with the right people, many in the va would be hauled away in chains for public trials, maybe even made the ultimate example of, for those veterans who were killed with intentionally negligent ill care. Anyway, there is a lot lacking from the lackies who steal their positions in power, one of them is the continued hold on federally recognizing marijuana for the medicinal uses that is definitely proven to be good for. If folks think the guv will even care about medical marijuana helping regular citizens, then consider what they have done for veterans in any way, then one must recognize how they think, which is the same as when someone opens a pot pie out of the cardboard box, the veteran being the box providing the sustenance(service), and no matter how good that pot pie, being it beef, chicken or turkey, that there will never be any thought to crumpling and throwing away the refuse(veteran) once the goodness(service) is used. AS for ptsd, most of the big wigs in the va are the ones who need ptsd councelling, tht they need to chill out, do the 420, and be put in their place, now that we all really know they can’t hold their liquor and pot, I mean, the things they do, I swear they are those who get out of hand with a little bit of intoxicant, …we all know the types, unfortunately these kiddies have positions of power, and can never be fired or arrested, …presently.

The difference in society is like one of my neighbors, that his employer negligently cause my neighbor to drive a beer truck distributing vehicle that they refused to service the brakes, while the owner was getting rich and refusing to let a few dollars go for safety and safety repairs, so my neighbor has an accident due to failure of the brakes, one leg and one arm severely damaged, head injury, …man, the seatbelts even failed. Neighbor is allowed to sue, allowed to recover, by law, not so with the government, and get a settlement, vocational rehabilitation, and is now seeking medical marijuana, which might mean if it aint recognized federally, the pain he is in constantly could get him fired from a job in the future, if he can hold one down driving again, but hey, the guv don’t care, unless they change it from schedule one to schedule two, apart from their pot pie microwaving of service veterans.

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