Urine mixed with water

Hey any of you smarty pee pants got a convincing argument I could wage with the ol’lady to get her to let me pee on her leg in the shower?? This dog would like to mark some hilarious territory hIs self lmfao.

@JustAnotherNewGrower Welcome friend, you are gonna fit right in I promise you that lol!! :smirk:

Anybody ever use Photosynthesis Plus?
The plants explode after a full dose but you can’t smell that wretched liquid and tell me there’s fresh ANYTHING in it! But the worse it smells the better the plants like it! And the more they respond.
Seriously - get you some Photosynthesis Plus and tell me it’s not dipped straight out of the treatment pond at the waste-water plant!

Plants love sour milk. The more sour the better!

Maybe this will help - but this is America so someone will always know better than the pros! LOL!

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True. Plus manure is just poop and pee. Human urine is animal urine…:grin:

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Understood @Fieldofdreams but to me no weirder than using rabbit or chicken droppings, dead fish, hair, bat guano or insect frass. :rofl::rofl:

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I love you all. :heart: This thread is entertaining the hell out of the inner 15 yr old in me. Keep in coming!!

And no matter how much factual support y’all bring that shit ain’t changing me lol. This is the no pee zone….unless it’s the wifeys leg is all I’m saying lol.

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Appreciate that, as far as the wife thing goes make it seem like a romantic gesture to shower together once they are in get em! Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission for things like that. Reinforce the statement “its better to be pissed on than pissed off, at least youre in running water!” Not speakimg from experience :wink: