Urine as fertilizer


My only thought on this as an indoor grower was that my closet would smell like a urinal.


It has everything you need. N, P, and K. The problem is you don’t know how much of each. This article says typical urine is 11-1-2 but your urine is unique to you and doesn’t come with an N,P, or K ratio so unless you had an analysis done you don’t know how much of what you are administering to your plants and when you drink different fluids the next day then the chemical makeup would be slightly different, in other words, your not producing the exact same urine everyday.

It will work but won’t be consistent like a name brand fertilizer


If you did other drugs, could your weed then be laced. :rofl:


I saw the post about coconut water-ing, and my initial thought was BEER!!! How cool would a Chocolate Stout Kush be???


Thanks big guy!! Miss my stupid ? times with you! Lol


Lmao @Laurap
The only stupid question is the one not asked
Since you already baked it unless you think bugs got into the soil indont think youd need to bake it again but as stated it wouldn’t hurt either
As always anytime


Seriously though, if you look at the amount they are using / gallon of water, I don’t think it would hurt. My issue would be that I don’t think it would help much either. Do you have to adjust your diet when you switch to flowering? :thinking:


You guys should look into milk… it’s used as a fertilizer and bug deterrent… I have seen alot of good things and benefits for its use… :grin:



I’ve heard it really needs to be skim milk deluted


I have also been hearing good things about using coconut water


If we use urine on our weed we could call it the R Kelly method!