Urgent help needed. mold?

Help! I’m about a week from harvest, first plant. AnD wHaT Is tHiS!?! I notice this almost white cotton ball like spot forming on the side of my main/apex bud!? Is it mold?! Can I save it? Humidity is always 30-55% MAX and temp 70-82ish. Maybe I don’t have enough air circ? AHH HELP i don’t want to ruin my grow I’ve worked so hard for!

You don’t want to smoke that, that is definitely mold.

Let some experience chime in.

That’s very unfortunate.


@Zee you think I cut cut it off? What should I do? Cut off the infected part? Whole bud? Go ahead and harvest?

I’d examine the other buds, has it spread?

I’d put a grocery bag over it for now, tighten it up against the stem. Let others reply.

Mold spreads…from what I have read, get the infected buds gone, but don’t do chit till you hear from others.

@Hellraiser maybe around.

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If it’s just that one spot, cut it out and keep an eye out for more, if you see any more show up, chop and do a bud wash before drying.


@Hellraiser THANK YOU so much for the reply. I knew NOTHING about this. I will double check the whole plant, could I possibly cut that one bud seperatley and do the rinse to just the bud I found the mold? If the other buds look okay? What your opinion?

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Yes, if everything else looks ok, then just a fluke that it developed there and just washing that bud would most likely be fine.


I want to go ahead and harvest today, it’s a few days earlier than expected but she looks pretty done anyways. Most of her Trichomes are cloudy and milky, I’ve seen a few amber. Would it be good to go ahead a cut it off and start that? I think it’s be better than letting it spread. I just would hate to also lose potency. I will update after I finish checking the plant.

What strain is it? Just curious if is one with low mold tolerance.
Take every precaution you can to avoid further contamination. Like @Zee said, bag it, remove it and clean / prep it someplace where the spores won’t spread.
Strange with that RH. Bummer - hope you can salvage most.

I had it happen to my White widow Autos. I caught it early, cut down what was visible and threw away. I then cut the rest and did a bud wash and hung out to dry. I lost over a third of the crop, 3 plants, but still ended up with over 4 ounces of great smoke, and they were harvested early

That’s what I did, cut out the bad parts with a little extra for added safety. Do not save or wash the moldy buds, throw them away. My current grow of Gorilla Glue autos is almost ready and I have a nice fan blowing air on them 24/7. Like a mini hurricane, lol.

@beardless okay I’m doing that now. I check all the other buds and everything look fine. Just the main big Apex bud at the top, so I opened it up and lo and behold, it was mold. Not bad though I guess I caught it very early, where I can cut this part out and hopefully wash it. The rest of the buds seemed fine I’ve looked at them tediously

I see it at the top, but it’s still green and looks good on the bottom

Cut the bad stuff and wash the rest. You should be good

Okay. Thank you @jetlag and @beardless it is either White widow auto or Girl scout Cookie Auto. They came in the same bag. Ugh. But it’s suppose to be pretty mold tolerate since the ruderalis right?

I have these left, had to cut 1/3 of that big bud out. Then washed this and have it under a fan

I don’t see any more mold even with a 100x scope

The rest I have hanging to dry

I cleaned out the tent and all the tools, do I need to worry about spores or anything? I’m already a bit of a germaphobe and just wondering should I… clean more? I know I can clean the air but will it get on my clothes? Should I worry about my dog or myself or?

I am glad you were able to get to it quickly. I am not sure about ruderalis making it more or less mold resistant. I checked ILGM seed bank. GSC is a hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush. This is a line from its description of OG Kush “Yet, it doesn’t fight off bugs, diseases or powdery mildew very well”.
Like you said earlier it may be an air circulation issue. I do not think you can have too much air movement once they are established. I grow in a 3x3. In addition to the normal 6" exhaust fan/filter I have a 6" intake fan directed at the floor, clip on fan for the canopy, and then mid-way through veg I add a small fan in the center of the floor. Lots of fresh air is a key to high leaf transpiration resulting in more water / nutrient uptake.

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I will keep that in mind for my next Plant! The rest of the buds are keefey, I don’t want to stay powdery because that reminds me of the mildew but are they supposed to look like this?

I agree, and growing in a greenhouse I have less control over the grow than you do indoors. I have three fans blowing and a fourth as a makeshift exhaust fan. One is blowing directly on the Autos as they are almost ready. The white widow photos should be flowering soon.