Uptade 2 in my sour d autoflower

Hy community sorry I was busy all this days cuz my birthday coming next week so I’m uptade my two auto sour diesel stain on week 8

Any advice thanks you
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Here comes the fluff !

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Lmao @yoshi thanks for you advises

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@Mefis I did not do anything sir you did all that work, congrats to you not me , I’m just a rookie trying to learn .

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Yeah but you talk me rain don’t go to kill my steroids plant lmaooo so she past 3 days rain and winds and today little rain to so she have long to fight cuz looking she have around 6 weeks more

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Wait until the sun get back at it watch how big it explodes from that rain water but I won’t have long you will show it cause you won’t believe it yourself how crazy big it gets .


Yeah just a question is genetic o phosphorus deficiency if the bud coming from the stem get some purple?

All my plants throw red and purple stems at times. If thats the only discoloration, ur fine. If it spreads to leaves prematurely, then we adjust

Is on the bubs just like 3 stem with little bub coming from the stem, do you see went the pistils started dropped bub?

Didnt quite understand ur question. Sorry



Calyxes (the bud itself) are the small pods that make up your buds. Cannabis flowers are actually made up of hundreds of these small calyxes stacked on top of one another. Even if not all the calyxes change color, there are cases where some stay green, and others turn purple, resulting in a multi-colored bud.

Something like that

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Is the fist bub coming from the stems 95% are green 5% are purple

Thats more then likely genetic. Leaves tend to show deficiencies.

You don’t need any advice the outside ones look great.

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